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‘The Amityville Horror’ House is For Sale if You Want to Live There


A horror icon doesn’t have to be a Freddy, a Jason, or a Michael. Many times we’re used to seeing a villain as being a ghost, an alien, a monster, or something similar. But there are times when that isn’t the case, such as with The Amityville Horror. Rather than there being a specific poltergeist, it ends up that the house itself is the manifestation of evil, the source of all terror and misfortune that befalls anyone unlucky enough to cross its threshold. If you want to tempt fate yourself, then the home that inspired the events of the wildly popular 1977 book (and, in turn, the 1979 film) has gone on the market.

Listed at $850,000, the nearly 12,000 square foot house rests on the Amityville River, features a large boat house, and five bedrooms across three floors as well as a full partially finished basement. The current owner is Caroline D’Antonio whose husband, David, passed away last year (nothing to do with the house). Realtor Jerry O’Neill tells Newsday that the D’Antonio’s enjoyed their time at the home but that it wasn’t necessarily quiet, due to the popularity of the property. “Tourists came and took pictures on the sidewalk, selfies, that kind of stuff,” he explains.

In 1974 Ronald DeFeo Jr. murdered his parents and four of his younger siblings, two brothers and two sisters. DeFeo Jr. is still currently incarcerated at Green Haven Correctional Facility. A year later, George Lutz and his wife and two children moved in only to flee the house after only 28 days, claiming that paranormal events were the cause of their retreat. The events there were compiled into a novel by Jay Anson, which sold over 10 million copies.

Some of the more eagle-eyed of you might say that the address of the Amityville Horror house is actually 112 Ocean Ave. and you wouldn’t be wrong. What happened is that the address was changed by previous owners in an attempt to maintain some semblance of privacy.

If you want more information, you can check out the official listing page.



  • Creepshow

    I’d consider it, if the house came with a lifetime supply of fly swatters,fly strips and bug spray.

    • Lirabelle

      Invest in some bear-spray to ward off the teenagers and their selfies.

  • tbaio

    Hmm. I’ve seen that house more than once in Long Island, NY. I don’t remember seeing any boat house. I always thought that was only for the replica house they built for the newer movie down the Jersey shore. Live and learn.

    • DoItFluid

      Seems as if you’re at least half-right cuz the listing says it has a boat slip, not a boat house.

      • tbaio

        I’ve attached my last shot of the house taken a while back (sorry for the poor upload). It is a different looking house now. Specifically the front yard. The shot within the article has very little grass. The house I remember in Amityville had a lot more grass/lawn to it. Unless, the shot is of the back of the house? I may venture out there again….perfect excuse for me.

  • Necrogeddon666


  • shawn lawson

    A few of you guys wanna pool our money together and snatch up this place? I got about 300 bucks and a ball of lint, but im really easy to live with and clean!

    • Evan3

      I’m in for a grand, easy!

      • shawn lawson

        Haha. Here we go! That’ll definitely get you one of the bigger bedrooms. Im happy sleeping in the boat house.

        • deputywinston

          I’m a very good cook and I’m super organized.

          • shawn lawson

            Yes! Love you guys! Then, its settled. We start the paperwork this weekend. See you both there!

          • Evan3

            As an attorney by trade, I’ll handle the paperwork. You want horror? Try reading the lease I prepare for you. MUHUHAHAHAHA

          • shawn lawson

            Haha. Sounds good….maybe.

          • shawn lawson

            Great name by the way. ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • deputywinston

            Thank you! Living with other horror nerds would be amazing. The film collections alone, my god.

          • shawn lawson

            It would be EPIC!

  • Rick-Taylor

    1. Everyone on LI and visiting the island has gone there, purely for the myth. That’s a lot of annoyance to deal with.
    2. It’s right on the water; insanely high insurance.
    3. It’s in Amityville; really shitty area, right now.
    4. Property taxes are 27k per year, and increasing at percentage rate every following year.

  • Rick-Taylor

    Also, Eddie Murphy is from Roosevelt, about 15 miles west of Amityville. Nothing noteworthy, just pointing that out.

  • Khy

    LOL I would but those damn tourists would annoy me. Wouldn’t be able to enjoy my home if I gotta keep chasing people off the property.

  • Seems lovely! I will pass ๐Ÿ™‚ Why get a huge house anyway? It is creepy as it is living alone in a 2 bedroom flat!

  • DarkBree

    No, thanks!!

  • Evan3

    I’ll throw in $1k/month and gladly accept paying roomies. Let’s go down the rabbit hole together!

  • deputywinston

    I’d absolutely love living there. I wouldn’t even mind the tourists, they’re just people with the same interests as me. And decorating the lawn for Halloween would be great.

    • Lirabelle

      I would absolutely mind the tourists if they are anything like the ones that show up at the Goonies house.

  • Adam Clifton

    It’d be nice to have a part of horror history to live in… but six people were murdered in that house. Six people.

    • Stefan Romano

      This isn’t the actual house where the DeFeo murders occurred. This is the house used for the movie franchise.

      • Adam Clifton

        Oh ok. That’s different then ๐Ÿ™‚

      • That’s actually incorrect. This is indeed the real house where the DeFeo murders occurred. The house used in the movie was located in Tom’s River, New Jersey. Visited them both on my East Coast trip.

        • Stefan Romano

          You’re absolutely right. Forgive my misinformation. Thanks for correcting.

          In that case, I agree with Adam. I would not live there, due to what happened in there. I’d live in the movie house, though. As a fan of the film.

  • Travis_Bickle

    There is a GoFundMe page to turn this place into a Bed&Breakfast – – I would LOVE to spend the night there or take a tour. That’s why these guys are trying to do. I think it’s brilliant!!

  • Lady of the Profaned Capital

    No thanks. I’d probably just add to the infamy of the house when I finally snapped and slaughtered all the annoying tourists.

  • Sky Commander

    I’d buy it and open it as a museum not a chance in hell I’d live there though

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