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Custom ‘Elm Street’ Xbox One and PS4 Controllers from MorbidStix! [contest]

Our friends at MorbidStix make some seriously awesome gaming accessories, but they’ve outdone themselves with these custom A Nightmare on Elm Street themed Xbox One and PS4 controllers. Every square inch has been meticulously customized on each. From the paint and graphics to the red LEDs, hand carved slash marks, leather accents and even a Bloody Disgusting logo!

Check out the full gallery below, then read on to see how you can win one!

If you want to get your hands on these controllers, you’re in luck because we’re giving both away on Twitter. The Xbox One controller is up first, and we’ll put the PS4 controller up next Friday (6/17).

Make sure to also follow @morbidstix and checkout their site for custom controllers, consoles, and accessories.

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  • AdamX

    Beautiful, needs a Jason ps4 one too.

    • They can make you one! Go to

  • Blade4693

    Damn I was so hyped to enter to win…then I saw you have to have twitter lol

    • Bouncy X

      i hear ya!

      and while very cool, seems the slash marks on the xbox one would be annoying on your hands while playing. though i guess it can just be displayed as art. lol

    • Taboo

      Yeah, bummer 🙁

    • GinsuVictim

      So you make an account you use for contests. No big deal. I do the same with Facebook.

  • lgb

    So happy to enter this, the detail work is astounding 🙂

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