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Leaked Trophies Mean ‘Siren’ is Probably Coming to PS4

On the very long list of survival horror games that never found the audience they probably deserved, the unnervingly atmospheric and genuinely freaky survival horror series Siren would rank fairly high. For several months now, there has been growing speculation that Sony may be working on a PS4 port of the original game, and while they have yet to confirm anything, a list of trophies on Exophase (spotted by PlayStation Lifestyle) have recently added some credibility to the rumors.

The timing would certainly be good, now that Siren: Blood Curse — a 2008 reimagining of the original game for the PS3 — is currently a featured freebie for PS Plus subscribers this month. Stay tuned, I suspect we’ll know more very soon.





  • Michael Gevins


  • suedepup

    Yes, please!

  • LoveAnimation

    I love the Siren games so i sure want this for my PS4 and i hope it could make them decide to make a new game in the series if it gets popular.

  • Rohan Sorensen

    Thank fuck! I got a PS4 just for their exclusive horror games, and I was super pissed when they didn’t have siren blood curse on there. I tried playing the original siren, but it was hard as hell!

  • Richter Belmont

    I’m hoping for a physical release. I think every region other than NA got the original PS3 Blood Curse on disc.

    • Silver

      PS2 emulated games don’t get physical releases.

      • Richter Belmont

        Whoops! I thought the the article was about the games getting remastered like FF and GOW.

      • LoveAnimation

        This was a PS3 game and many PS3 games got a physical release on the PS4 and i really hope it could happen to Siren Blood Curse too.
        Way better to own games with a box and disc than only digital.

        • fabricio

          no you’re wrong, this is the original Siren 1 from the PS2, the one you’re talking about is siren blood curse aka “siren 3 or siren remake” from the PS3, there are 3 games of this franchise: Siren 1 and 2 from the PS2 and Siren Blood Curse from the PS3. the one that got leaked for a PS4 re-release is Siren 1 from the PS2, as part of sony’s PS2 emulation on PS4 like all the other PS2 titles already re-released on the PS4.

          • LoveAnimation

            I thought this was about Siren Blood Curse.
            Ok sorry if its not.
            Well the 2 first games are also awesome so great if more people can play them.

    • Lirabelle

      Yeah, I just imported Blood Curse back then from Europe so i could have a physical copy, due to the lack of region locking on PS3.

      It would be nice if they give us Siren 2, even if it’s only digital.

  • PsychoMantis18


  • Df

    Put it on a disc for retail and I will buy it.

    • fabricio

      this is going to be released as part of sony’s ps2 emulation on ps4, and its digital-only.
      they are HD emulation at 1080p and with trophy support, among other features, so since they are not remakes and their graphics are the same as the original but now in HD it wouldn’t seem right to release them on disc.

  • LoveAnimation

    Hope they will also release Siren 2 for the PS4.

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