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The Apocalypse is Nigh in the ‘7 Days to Die’ Launch Trailer

The first game to come out of Telltale’s new publishing label has finally arrived. It’s been nearly three years since 7 Days to Die released on Steam — where it’s currently $9.99 (60% off) thanks to the ongoing Summer Sale — and now the open-world zombie survival game has joined the PS4 and Xbox One. Its $29.99 price tag comes with some neat benefits, like split-screen co-op and the new “Blood Moon” community events, as well as the promise of more to come in the near future, starting with additional multiplayer modes.

The game hasn’t had a perfect launch, with multiple reports of various technical issues that are being squashed right now. One of the more common problems has to do with the local co-op feature, that might be easy to fix:

A number of people have been having problems with split screen, mostly because there doesn’t seem to be a direct prompt for it. Please try the following steps:

Start Singleplayer

Plug in / connect second controller

Sign in as guest or second player on second controller

Hit start.

This should have the game pop up in split screen for you.

If you have issues, you should report them here.




  • ScabieBaby

    So for those who have been playing this non-console, is it worth it, in your opinion? I like Minecraft and zombies. And doing blow and fuckin hoes too, but I digress.

    • It’s worth it if you like the idea of a game that effectively blends Minecraft with DayZ, with open-world gameplay, survival mechanics, crafting, building, scavenging. I’ve spent about 30 hours in the PC version and had a lot of fun with it. Co-op is where it shines, but the solo play is just as addictive.

    • CB Punk

      No man if you wanna play a good crafting survival game, Ark: Survival Evolved is 10x better than this steaming crap pile.

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