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‘Phantaruk’ Trailer Welcomes You to Purity-02

The first official trailer for the upcoming sci-fi horror game Phantaruk welcomes you to Purity-02, a space-dwelling research vessel created by the H+ Corporation to free humanity from the shackles of mortality. Unfortunately for its crew — and you — the vessel has secrets, and these secrets shamble about its dimly lit halls and empty labs looking for faces to eat.

Now, if movies and video games have taught us anything, it’s that you’ll want to arm yourself with an M41A Pulse Rifle or Plasma Cutter prior to boarding any derelict spaceship that may or may not be populated by monsters.

Phantaruk has only been confirmed for PC, but developer Polyslash is interested in bringing the game to PS4 and Xbox One, so console owners will have to wait. Don’t fret, there’s loads of promising sci-fi horror games on the way, and many of them are multi-platform.





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