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Enter the World of ‘Don’t Breathe’ in This Interactive Trailer

Don't Breathe

A new trailer-of-sorts for Fede Alvarez’s Don’t Breathe and it offers viewers an interesting chance to take control of where they want to look. In the below clip, viewers are able to look around in a 360 degree environment as Jane Levy and Dylan Minette are trapped in a pitch black basement with Stephen Lang, the man whose house they broke into to rob.

We’ve seen this kind of technology before, such as in this VR take on The Ring, so it’s really fun seeing studios take a similar approach to market their films.

Three teens who get away with perfectly planned home robberies have set their sights on one last payout that will get them out of crime forever. Their target: a reclusive blind man with millions of dollars in hiding. But as soon as they break into his home, the tables are turned and they find themselves trapped and fighting for survival against a psychopath with secrets of his own.

Alvarez and Rodo Sayagues wrote the script for the project, which is produced by Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert for Ghost House Pictures. J.R. Young, Nathan Kahane, Joe Drake and Erin Westerman executive produce.

Don’t Breathe hits theaters on August 26th.


[H/T SciFiNow]



  • J Jett

    i AM excited for this movie (due in large part to awesome Jane Levy) but after being screwed over by the spoiler filled trailer i won’t watch any more tv spots or trailers/promos for this movie until i actually see the film.

    • gabriel

      I always thought that Jane Levy would make a good ghostbuster for the new film, but it’s too late for that I guess.

    • dada

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  • Yakushiji Tenzen

    This is actually a cool concept. And if Raimi and Tapert are on board so am I.

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