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Prototype Video Game Comic Preview



Dead Pixels Editor and good friend, burnthebluesky, told me today that Wildstorm comics are making a comic book adaptation of the upcoming videogame Prototype. The game looks like it might be something good and the comic has potential to be the same. Hit the jump for more info…
Prototype Not much is known about the prototype comic and when it is being released. It was supposed to be released in the fall of 2008 but with the game being pushed back so did the comic. I will keep you informed as more news comes in, here is information we do have:

“PROTOTYPE is all about shape-shifting action, and we’re using that key element to redefine the open-world game space. Another key feature setting PROTOTYPE apart from other open-world games is its incredibly deep, conspiracy-based back-story, and by joining forces with the largest comic book publisher in the world – DC Comics – we can bring this new anti-hero and his tale to an even wider audience of comics fans and gamers alike.” – Al Simone, Sr. VP of Global Marketing, Sierra Entertainment.

“We’re blown away with what Sierra and developer Radical Entertainment have shown us of PROTOTYPE, and know with absolute certainty that this will make for a terrific comic book. “PROTOTYPE’s back-story, visuals and gameplay are stunning, and we have every intention of bringing those core pillars to our book because this is a great opportunity to expand on the world they’ve created, and build something new and interesting for comics fans.” -Hank Kanalz, VP & General Manager, WildStorm


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