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Trailer Confirms ‘Inside’ is Coming to PS4

Limbo creator Playdead has shared a new trailer for its atmospheric puzzle-platformer Inside — a spiritual successor to Limbo — confirming the game is headed to the PS4 on August 23. Inside has been met with considerable acclaim from fans and critics alike since it first arrived on the Xbox One in June, followed by Steam in July.

Much of the praise has been aimed at the game’s often relentlessly bleak narrative and clever puzzles, as well as the haunting visuals of its oppressive and genuinely frightening world. If you own a PS4 and you’re still on the fence, you really should check this one out.


  • ScabieBaby


  • slayer

    I was expecting to wait a year for this because it was a “timed exclusive”, but details about timed exclusives never get released to the public so it’s ultimately just a waiting game. Pretty damn awesome that we are getting it about 2 months after the X1/Windows launch.

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