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Bethesda is Considering ‘The Evil Within 2’, ‘Rage 2’

Bethesda hasn’t ruled out sequels for two of its more divisive titles, including Tango Gameworks’ psychological horror game The Evil Within, directed by Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami, or id Software’s post-apocalyptic shooter, Rage. This is lovely news for fans of both games, as either could’ve easily become a one-off. That might still happen, but it’s possible that one or both could return, says Bethesda VP Pete Hines.

This doesn’t mean we’ll be hearing from them anytime soon, if ever. Finder tried to get Hines to elaborate on the current status of the two games, but, unsurprisingly, it didn’t work. “I won’t confirm or deny stuff we may or may not do, as people jump to the wrong conclusions,” said Hines, before adding “But I do think both The Evil Within and Rage did well enough that we could make sequels.”

It’s not a lot, but it’s something. These were flawed games that had a lot of potential, and that’s a strong foundation for a follow-up to build on. I might also suggest a sequel to Machine Game’s enormously entertaining alternate history shooter Wolfenstein: The New Order. It’s been on my mind since the game resurfaced back in June, when a rumor mentioned E3 reveals of it and The Evil Within 2. That rumor obviously fizzled out, and I believe it’s time we fix that.





  • Rohan Sorensen

    Evil Within 2 sounds awesome, Rage 2 I could go without.

  • Brodequin

    Hell, yeah! Rage 2!!!

  • Wilma Fingerdew

    Rage reminds me of the 1st borderlands looking back on it. It just lacked the personality and drive of those more popular titles. There was a huge amount of gameplay packed into Rage but it could have used some more polish. I’d go for a sequel.

  • LoveAnimation

    The Evil Within is one of my favorite games ever so i really hope it will get a sequel.

  • Daucus Karota

    Evil Within 2 – Day 1 purchase!

  • suffering

    the ending fucked up my brain(literally if you know what i mean) that was so epic 😀

  • GunsOfNavarone

    The Evil Within was relentless – it reminded me of the good old survival horror days. I’ve yet to play the DLC. As for Rage – I really enjoyed it, however… it was way too short. It ended so abruptly. If they bring it back for a sequel, they need to expand it to a similar size as Borderlands.

  • zombie84_41

    Wasn’t a fan of evil within. I hope one day we get a PVP of fallout though.

    • Not Amused

      Love the Shin Goji profile photo.

    • Ryan J Dunlop

      Really? Fallout as PVP doesn’t make sense. The whole game centres on a single (and singular) character performing near-miracles throughout the wasteland (whichever one). In a PVP game, you wouldn’t get any of that narrative or the mission-related perks. You’d just live in a Fallout Universe with a bunch of other powered-down people wandering around not doing missions.

      • zombie84_41

        I’m sure they can figure something out though they have done it in skyrim tamriel online, so maybe fallout can be something along those lines. Be nice to explore the wasteland with friends, you can build you own society and city, take over other players city’s and such. It be different, not that it’ll ever happen but I would like to see it.

        • Ryan J Dunlop

          But your example illustrates the problem. ESO is a flawed gaming idea. The entire point of Elder Scrolls and Fallout is to play as a up-and-coming legend, to forge _your_ way through the landscapes and cities/villages, moulding the world according to your own designs, with your every decision influencing the power dynamic of that universe. An MMORPG version of this can’t work. At best, you will have a bunch of people roaming around as if they’re playing WoW in a Fallout-esque wasteland or an Elder Scrolls-esque landscape.

          I remember liking the idea when the former owners of Fallout’s IP were considering making Fallout Online. I have a couple of friends I’d love to play co-op with, but the only way that I see it working is if you retain the base game for strictly one player but add in missions, like DLC packs where you answer a radio broadcast and work together to accomplish goals. But then you each return to your separate wasteland.

          • zombie84_41

            That wouldn’t be a half bad idea though too. But I do understand where you are coming from. It’ll get boring quick lol.

  • Taboo

    I still have yet to play this game. I was so busy with Alien: Isolation that I forgot about it.

    • Halloween_Vic

      Evil Within?? Play it, it’s fucking awesome!!!

  • Halloween_Vic

    I really hope we get a Evil Within 2, the first one was awesome. Considering RE7 disappoints with it’s newly first person gameplay. Hopefully Evil Within 2 stays away from that and delivers just as good as original did if not better.

    • Kristin Eve

      Curious to see if you’ve changed your mind on the new RE format, now that it’s out…?? I loved 7; from the demo, to the very end of the actual game! It was a bit short, and the end boss was ridiculously easy… but overall, I rather enjoyed the new perspective!! The family was extremely well done, and the atmosphere finally reminds us, once again, what a Resident title is all about!!

      • Halloween_Vic

        You know what’s funny that you mentioned this because today I actually said fuck it and bought a copy lol so I’m actually getting ready to play it tonight so I guess we’ll see. I really hope I’m not disappointed I just hate the first person concept and I heard there are no actual zombies? Ehhh but either way I’m stuck cause I bought it already so I’ll definitely let u know.

  • J M

    OH GOD OH GOD PLZZZZ TEW2 plz do it!!

  • Kristin Eve

    I would very much love to see The Evil Within 2!! I might be one of the few who didn’t feel it was terribly flawed, to begin with. It seemed like the perfect homage to the Resident Evil series, with exciting new elements all to its own. I truly hope they consider… It has the potential for a long happy life of series titles.

    • I agree I loved it, and it’s resident evil 5 to me, a continuation in a way Shinji’s work is great.

      • Kristin Eve

        Have you played 7 yet?? It’s delicious!!

  • Charles Harder

    RAGE 2! YES! This older gem DESERVES priority before newer IPs.

  • Ryan J Dunlop

    TEW was so very flawed that it was borderline unplayable. RAGE had some performance issues, too, to be sure, but I loved the environment. And if the devs actually put into the whole game the level of effort that they clearly put into the first big mission area (Dead City), we could have 90%+ game. And if they were to add some decent story elements and characters to care about, it could even go GotY.

  • I would love to play The Evil Within 2.

  • Halloween_Vic

    Ok sorry for the late response but it literally took me 4 days to beat the game lol and 10 hours of gameplay close to 11. To be honest it definitely feels more like a standalone game, I didn’t feel the connection too much to the other games in the franchise. It definitely had brought back that creep factor for sure and I jumped from the scares a good few times, but I just didn’t feel connected to “Resident Evil”. It’s a good survivor/horror game, with a good tense and claustrophobic atmosphere. I just felt a certain disconnection from parts 1-6 and idk if I liked that. The ending was cool to try and tie it in with the previous entries but as a standalone game it’s good, as a resident evil game? Not so much.

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