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Nightmarish ‘The Conjuring 2’ Concept Art Shows Alternate Crooked Man Designs

If this year gave rise to a new horror icon, it was definitely The Crooked Man.

There may not be a single filmmaker who so effortlessly creates terrifying new villains the way James Wan does, and this year’s hit sequel The Conjuring 2 is certainly home to no shortage of them. The film’s demonic nun is already getting her own spinoff, simply titled The Nun, but it was The Crooked Man who really worked his way into my own personal nightmares.

Inspired by the English nursery rhyme, first published way back in 1842, The Crooked Man is undoubtedly one of the most unsettling movie monsters to come along in recent years – and if you thought he was a digital creation, think again. As we recently told you, the character was brought to life not by CGI but rather by otherworldly creature performer Javier Botet, and his short-but-terrifying appearance was enough to ensure that a Crooked Man spinoff is likely in our future.

As of August 30th, The Conjuring 2 is now available for digital purchase, and it’s headed to DVD and Blu-ray on September 13th. One of the featurettes, titled “Creating Crooked,” will likely explore the creation and execution of The Crooked Man, but why wait until then? To whet your appetite, we’ve uncovered some early concept art that we think you’re going to get a kick out of.

CG designer Jared Krichevsky worked with James Wan as the concept artist on The Conjuring 2, and over on his blog, he recently showed off several different Crooked Man concepts that he whipped up. Krichevsky, who also worked on Krampus, Stranger Things, and the upcoming re-adaptation of Stephen King’s It, noted that Wan’s initial vision for the character was that he’d have a “half-moon face.”

The Conjuring 2 was a great pleasure to work on and I love the way [The Crooked Man] turned out in the movie as well,” the artist wrote on his blog. “As a huge fan of his work I really learned a lot in getting notes from James Wan; he really enjoyed the exploration process and was open to letting the character evolve.”

The movie turned out brilliant and I hope to see a Crooked Man spinoff at some point,” he added.

You and us both, sir.

Check out the early Crooked Man concept art below!

crooked man 3

crooked man 1

crooked man 2

crooked man 5

crooked man 6

crooked man 7

crooked man 4



  • zombie84_41

    Awesome shit. I love the last pic.

  • Creepshow

    The cartoon character that was “The Crooked Man”, should have been drawn in disappearing ink.

  • A2VL

    The last one is fantastic.

  • The last one is better than the real Crooked Man of The Conjuring 2, and in my opinion that character is the biggest problem in the movie.

  • Rick-Taylor

    All, except the patchwork demon, look like Jack Skellington in a pimp suit. That really took me out of the film, when I saw it.

  • J Jett

    i love all of these. CONJURING 2 was very good. i re-watched it the other day and i definitely liked it a lot. i like it more than the first film.


    The Crooked Man was the only thing I did not like about The Conjuring, there was just no need for it.

  • J Jett

    it’s interesting to me that just about everyone i know who saw the film (and most people who commented on this thread) said the only thing they didn’t like about it was the Crooked/Slim man-creature thing. i actually thought he/it was pretty cool/freaky but that’s just me. 🙂

    • John Squires

      It seems a lot of people were bothered by the character cause they chalked it up to bad CGI; but it was a real dude!

    • I actually liked him as well. It freaked me out when he appeared for the first time. Majority of peeps are jumping on the bandwagon me thinks!

      • Creepshow

        There is no bandwagon. Just this…

    • The Crooked Man and Bill were my favourite parts of the whole movie. I loved the weird stop motion style of the Crooked Man, and having a creepy old British guy as the villain was a nice change, but no, they had to ruin it adding all the nun/demon context.

      Honestly I think it would’ve been better if they ended it at the part where they walked out accepting it all as a hoax. Knowing the Enfield case already it was hard to take it seriously when the daft over the top ending started

    • LosLockos

      I found the crooked man scary too(at least in those few jumpscare scenes in which he was visible…). The problem is the twist at the end. We learn very quickly, that he was actually just a puppet, manipulated by the real demon, which we saw for a short moment early in the film. Then there is another short scene, in which we see his “real” ghost self, and that’s kind of it(if I remember this correctly). Everything felt rushed, after such a long build up. So my impression was “good camera/actors/directing, but meh”

    • Alanmac

      I’m with ya. It wasn’t my favorite part of the film by any means but it didn’t bother me if that makes any sense. I do wish they would’ve gotten a contortionist to play the part tho.

  • THGrimm

    I love the idea of the Crooked Man and all that, but gosh it just looked so horrible in execution! They wasted Javier’s talent by covering him with CGI; might as well be talent wasted. As well as wasted talent of this brilliant artist. Sure, the character startled me in the movie, but I was taken out once I saw how ridiculous it looked. I’m not for a spin-off if it’ll look anything like that.

    • MediumBarda

      Agree, Botet is amazing when it comes to the way he moves, practical affects do a far better job of allowing him to demonstrate this.

      • THGrimm

        It’s like finely sketching a picture and coloring it in spray paint.

  • Ima Badlady

    I love the concept but he seems a bit out of place in a film like The Conjuring.

  • The third and last pics are very disturbing!

  • Charles Cumella

    Indifference. That’s what comes to mind when I think about “The Crooked Man” and basically the whole movie. Just dumping a whole bunch of “scary stuff” together and adding it on to an already flimsy story doesn’t make a good movie.

  • Michael Josef Kappel

    Did anyone else actually think the transformation and hallway scene with the crooked man was horrible? I laughed at it lol

    • David Tucker

      Yeah, I thought it dropped the ball during that part. Like they went waaaay to overblown with it when it would’ve been much creepier to shoot it from a stationary camera shot pointed down the long hallway and allow him to slowly reveal himself in his stop-motion-inspired movements, then get closer in closer. In the film’s cut, they did it so fast and overwhelming it was almost laughable

  • JohnnyMcClane

    Loved the Crooked Man, the rhyme, the visuals, it’s all great.

  • CR

    Looks like a drag show.

  • Erik The Red

    I don’t remember much from The Conjuring 2. What I do remember is, it wasn’t a good movie. Crooked Man felt like it was thrown in just for the purpose of a spin off movie. The whole movie just had a bunch of stuff threw in.

    • MediumBarda

      What’s interesting about both Conjuring movies is that the real life families who were involved in these supposed hauntings portray the Warrens as being little more than a nuisance. They were only there for a short time and aren’t credited with helping because they didn’t.

      • Erik The Red

        I believe it. Hollywood likes to gloss stories up. I enjoyed The Conjuring because it had great atmosphere and it built off of the characters. They grew throughout the film. It was well done and probably Wan’s best film.
        The Conjuring 2 was literally all over the place. It felt like 3-4 different movies combined. The characters were hard to follow and root for. The plot was incoherent. It should’ve all taken place in Europe. Cheese ball ending.

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