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[Original Story] What Happens After the Events of ‘Halloween 3’?

“Maybe they’re not going to have Halloween next year.”

As I’ve already stated a couple times here on Bloody Disgusting this month, I am a huge fan of Halloween 3: Season of the Witch. It’s unquestionably my favorite sequel in the entire Halloween franchise, and it’s genuinely one of my all-time favorite horror movies. I’ve already watched it three times this month. I might be a little obsessed.

Each time I watch the film, I wonder to myself what happens directly after the events we see. It’s completely open to interpretation, but we’re left wondering whether or not Dan Challis was able to convince the final television station airing the Silver Shamrock commercial to pull the plug. Does Challis save the children? Or do they all die?

Tom Atkins himself, as stated on the “making of” featurette on Scream Factory’s must-own Blu-ray release of Halloween 3, believes that the film has a happy ending, but most fans seem to feel that it’s anything but happy. I’ve gone back and forth about this over the years, and this year, I decided to take it upon myself to write my own conclusion.

In this original short story, I imagine what would happen if Halloween 3 went on 10-15 minutes longer than it did. Of course, this is nothing more than fan fiction at the end of the day, but when I imagine what happens after Challis gets off the phone, this is what I see. Whether you want to read or not, I’d love to hear what YOU think happens after the film.

Oh and Happy Halloween!

THE FINAL OCTOBER, by John Squires

The nauseating Silver Shamrock jingle ringing in his ears, Dr. Dan Challis begged and pleaded the final station to pull the plug and end the nightmare.

“Stop it! Stop it!! STOP IT!!!” he screamed with increasing intensity.

It was all for naught.

Challis gave up. The telephone smashed onto the floor and he watched helplessly, mouth agape, as the three children in the gas station suffered the same fate as Little Buddy Kupfer. He tried to rip the masks off their heads, but by then, he was reaching his hands into puddles of hot latex and blood. Then came the bugs. Then the snakes. He had seen it happen before, but it was no less horrifying the second time.

The doctor felt bad that he couldn’t bring himself to cry at the sight of three children dying right in front of him, but he had bigger things on his mind. He remembered that his own two children, a young boy and a young girl, were surely home watching the Silver Shamrock commercial they had been waiting all week for. He hoped that they hadn’t figured to switch the channel when one signal cut out, but he knew deep down that they were smarter than that.

They were sure they were going to win the big giveaway.

Challis commandeered the nearest car and raced home like the madman Conal Cochran had forced him to become, carelessly flipping between the radio stations as he desperately tried to remain on the road. He expected to hear an endless stream of horrifying news on the radio, but he found only that damned Silver Shamrock jingle on each and every channel. At this point, Challis wasn’t even sure if what he was hearing was real or if he truly had lost his mind somewhere in Santa Mira.

Zero more days till Halloween. Halloween. Halloween.

Zero more days till Halloween.

Silver. Shamrock.

With each house that Challis drove past, he imagined what was going on inside. He imagined the lifeless corpses of children sprawled out in front of television sets. He imagined cockroaches and serpents pouring out of their mouths and eyes. He needed a drink and he needed that drink more than he ever needed a drink in his life. In between all the horror going on in his head, Challis even thought about Ellie Grimbridge. Sweet Ellie Grimbridge. What a doll she was. Great in bed, too. But what the hell happened to her anyway? Cochran must’ve killed her. Killed her and replaced her with that evil robot.

‘What a strange thing to do,’ Challis thought to himself.

But before he could think too much about Cochran’s wacky plans for world domination, Challis arrived at his destination. He parked the car out front of his ex-wife’s house, and cautiously went inside.


As he opened the front door, Challis had two visions playing in his mind: one of what he hoped to see, and one of what he was pretty sure he was going to see. In the first vision, his children were sleeping peacefully in their beds. They had survived Halloween night, and would live to trick or treat again.

But that wasn’t what he saw.

Challis was met with a strange, overpowering stench. Oddly enough, the house smelled like a rotten pumpkin. And in front of the television, as he had seen in that second vision, his children were lying dead on the carpet. Like Little Buddy and the kids in the gas station, their heads were melted down into puddles of mush. He could barely even tell which child was which. Beside them lay the two cheap plastic masks he had purchased for them just one week prior: a cruel reminder that they had almost been spared.

If only his ex-wife hadn’t upstaged him by buying those stupid masks. If only.

As was always the case in tough situations, such as the night his wife told him she could no longer deal with him “flirting” behind her back, Challis’ first instinct was to find the nearest bottle of booze and make it disappear. He was numb. Completely numb. And his only comfort in that moment was the bottle of scotch he found in the liquor cabinet. It was already half empty by the time he got to it, but even if it was completely full and ten times the size it was, it still wouldn’t have been enough.

Challis thought to call 911, but he figured it would be a waste of time. After all, his kids certainly weren’t the only ones who didn’t make it through Halloween. Hell, nearly every kid in America had become a cruel Silver Shamrock test subject overnight. And so he didn’t pick up the phone. Whole lot of good the phone did him last time he picked it up. Instead, he drank. He drank until there was nothing left to drink.


As of 9pm on Halloween night, 1982, the population of children in America had been cut down, within the span of just 30-seconds, by nearly 60%. The only lucky kids were the kids who had initially felt quite unlucky about the fact that their parents couldn’t afford one of those pumpkin, skull, or witch masks that year. They hated their parents for being so cheap, for not being able to get them what they wanted, but on the morning of November 1st, that resentment was going to be washed away with the realization that their parents’ financial troubles were the only thing that kept them alive. An irony not lost even on those too young to understand what irony was.

Sitting on the couch, empty bottle of scotch clutched tightly in his hand, Challis noted how peculiar it was that the house wasn’t filled, as he expected, with bugs and snakes. He also realized that he hadn’t even thought about where his ex-wife might be. He didn’t much care about her well-being in that moment, but he did at least wonder where she was. Had she run out of the house screaming when all hell broke loose? She always did have a knack for bolting when things got too heavy.

And oh boy was this situation a heavy one.

Challis began to fade into an alcohol-induced semi-coma when he heard a loud knock at the door. The banging shattered the eerie stillness of the night, and it wasn’t the only new sound in the room. Over by the television, Challis heard strange sloshing sounds. And in the wake of the sounds came movement. The dead bodies of Challis’ children began to twitch and convulse, as if something inside of them was desperately trying to get out. Challis looked on in wide-eyed horror.

The knocking intensified.

His eyes frantically darting from the door to whatever the hell was going on over by the TV, Challis realized that nothing good was about to happen. No matter who was at the door and no matter what was going on with his children’s ravaged bodies, he knew he had better be prepared for a fight. He stumbled into the bedroom and retrieved his shotgun from the closet. He had left it behind when his wife kicked him out, and he never did get around to picking it up. He was surprised that it was right where he left it; she had threatened to get rid of it more times than he could count.

Challis returned to the living room and pointed the shotgun at the bodies; at this point, he refused to even identify them, within his own mind, as his once-happy children. Challis watched and waited for the worst. The bodies continued to jerk violently. The sounds of unnatural birth grew only louder.

The transformation had begun. The final step in Cochran’s master plan.

Suddenly, the front door was knocked clean off its hinges. It landed with a thud onto the ground, and within a moment, there was a man standing atop it. He was dressed in a tailored suit. His hands were covered in black gloves. His face was blank. Pale. Emotionless. Challis knew immediately who it was. Or rather, what it was. He knew what color it would bleed if he blasted it with his shotgun.


And he did. Challis unloaded several shells into Cochran’s henchman. As he anticipated, yellow explosions erupted from the robot’s body. He aimed squarely at the lifeless shape’s head and fired one more shot. Yellow goo and what looked like car parts decorated the wall behind the man. His mostly headless body fell to the ground. Gears turned. Clicked. Grinded. And then silence.

Behind Challis, the bodies of his children imploded from within. It was as if portals to another dimension had been opened up inside of them. Tearing through their clothes, their guts, and their flesh, two very inhuman creatures began to emerge. They looked like bugs. Massive bugs. They were wet. Covered in the innards of the bodies they came from. Challis was watching his own children literally give birth to otherworldly creatures, and he couldn’t believe he was actually awake. Not even in his nightmares did he ever encounter such a nightmare. Legs emerged. Arms emerged. Their full forms were slowly being revealed, and Challis was sure that Cochran had discovered and unlocked the gateway to Hell.

Challis fired two shots in rapid succession. Both targets were hit. The insect-like heads of the Silver Shamrock creatures exploded all over the television behind them. Challis continued to blast away at the monsters, intent on ensuring that they were dead. Each shotgun blast sent smaller bugs flying all over the living room. The creatures were filled with other creatures, and those creatures were now being unleashed. Cockroaches spilled from the gaping shotgun wounds. Snakes slithered out.

Dawn was breaking. The eerie orange glow of the early morning sky seeped into the living room through the empty space once blocked off by the door. Armed with his shotgun, Challis walked through the frame and out into the neighborhood. He saw adults running for their lives. Men and women being chased down and savagely attacked by the creatures that had emerged from their own children. It was complete chaos. Cochran, though he didn’t live to see it, had taken over the world. Halloween wouldn’t be happening next year and it wouldn’t be happening the year after that. Halloween was over. And if what was happening in California was any indication, so too was humanity. So too was the world.


And indeed it was happening all over the world. It was happening in Dayton, Ohio. In New York, New York. In Omaha, Nebraska. In Baton Rouge, Louisiana. In Seattle, Washington. In Phoenix, Arizona.

The children were dead. The adults were dying.

Challis made his way into the street and dropped to his knees. His shotgun was out of shells, and the creatures were closing in. He knew that his time was up. He had fought all night, but he couldn’t fight it any longer. Like one last cruel joke, a familiar jingle rung loud in his ears, as if it was being beamed down from the heavens. Or perhaps up from the very depths of Hell…

Happy happy Halloween.

Halloween. Halloween.

Happy happy Halloween.

Silver. Shamrock.



  • Dylan Gutierrez

    The novelization of the movie gives it an unhappy ending opposite of the film which leaves it open.

  • oh_riginal

    Nice story. I too love this movie and am saving it as my Halloween night movie this year!

  • I like your idea of the aftermath. Whatever Cochran’s plan was, it had to be epic in scale for all he was doing. This seems like it fits the bill. Happy Halloween indeed.

  • Blade4693

    Nice add on! I like it. I do often wonder what happens after the end, and this is an interesting take on it. Good job!

  • David

    Holy FUCK!!! That was pretty epic. Loved it. Happy Halloween, Buddy

  • Jimmy Cthulhuhan

    Sounds like the happy ending to me. Anything less than more dead kids would be sad.

  • Nefferson Taveira

    You guys are really obsessed with this movie lately.

    • John Squires

      I’ll take the blame for that. I just love Halloween 3, love writing about it, and love spreading the love for it. Only really a month every year where it’s relevant to talk about, so I try to make the most of it!

      • John Connor

        It’s the best of the series.

  • I can honestly say I never imagined the ending quite that way, but it was sure as hell entertaining! I also like that you answered the other large lingering question in this (at least in my mind): Was Ellie always a robot!? Your explanation was the same conclusion I had come to, but I always wonder what other people’s take on it is. Nice work on this.

    • Dan Warren (Forgottenretroworl

      Always a robot? Nah, Dan’s dick would have got mangled in the “car parts”.

  • Tiger Quinn

    I teach creative writing – not bad. I always have a slight issue with elongated, cogent interior narratives, but you did well.

  • John Connor

    A few people were asking for me to tell them my Halloween 9. I wanted to write it in a somewhat detailed summary. So I guess this is the best time/place to post it.

    Here’s the beginning of my Halloween 9 (that connects 1-8) starring Danielle Harris:

    Woodsboro, Maryland

    21 year old Mallory Evans (played by Danielle Harris, yes, she can pass for 21) is living with a loving and slightly overprotective mother/father duo. She goes to college as an arts major. She’s a nerdy bookworm (virgin/shy/loner-type similar to Laurie Strode). She’s tasked by her parents to accompany her rambunctious sister, 17 year old Rebecca Evans, to a Halloween dance. Neither of the two want to go together. Mallory wants to be alone (as always). Rebecca is annoyed that her overprotective parents are using Mallory as a proxy to control her. Both sisters can relate to that at least. They don’t hate each other, they are just complete opposites. So there’s also an inkling of yearning to be a bit more like the other. Rebecca wishes she could be as smart as Mallory and Mallory wishes she could be more out-going.

    Rebecca is dressed as a sexy Little Bo Peep. Mallory decides to wear a jester-like black and red (kinda hot) Harley Quinn costume. Even though she’s just a chaperone, she does like to dress up, especially on Halloween. 

While driving Rebecca to the dance, Mallory notices a van with tinted windows seemingly following them from afar.

Later, while at the dance, Mallory goes outside alone while Rebecca is partying and sees the van parked nearby. She then hears commotion inside, everyone making a surprised noise. The lights went out. Most have their cellphone out with lights on (the place is brighter than if the already dimly lit electric lights were on). Everyone seems to be having just as much fun this way. Mallory is looking for Rebecca, but can’t find her. She goes to the bathroom… she’s not there. She goes outside again. Nowhere. Back to the car. She’s missing. Mallory keeps calling her cell but there’s no answer. Panic sets in as Mal runs back to the building. There’s a security cop car right near it, maybe the guard is nearby. Screams from the crowd inside as the guard appears from out of a corner and rushes inside. Mallory follows. But before she can make it through the door, everyone starts pouring out of the building. Mallory runs inside as soon as she is able to. She looks around and there is a freshly dead girl hanging from the ceiling (by her neck) in the center of the ballroom only lighted by a few dropped cellphones shining their lights. She’s dressed as an angel. Thin steady streams of blood touch the dance-floor, the girl connected to the sky by rope and to the earth by strings of blood. It’s not Rebecca. 

Mallory, hands covering her mouth, starts to freak out. No one but her and the security guard left in sight with the body. He’s calling for backup. 

A scream from the bathroom. A girl. Rebecca’s voice. 
Security guard rushes to her. Mallory follows. The guard opens the girl’s bathroom door and there’s Mallory, pressed up against the back corner in utter horror. She screams at the guard, “Look out!!” A masked figure appears and cuts the guards throat in a swift slice-by. Mallory witness to it all. The guard turns around clutching his throat as he drops his gun purposefully towards Mallory. She can only stand there in shock as the guard collapses. Rebecca screams at Mallory, “RUN, MALLORY!!” The masked figure appears in the doorway and its Michael fucking Myers. Dripping bloody knife in wet bloody hand. Mallory stares for a moment and then gazes towards the gun on floor. She grabs it and runs as Michael lunges for her. The chase is on and Michael is pacing seemingly as fast as she runs. It’s dark as fuck, but there’s a door with a small square window that shows the savior of night at the end of this hallway. She runs right to it and it opens as she darts outside. There are a few teens standing out there. They see Harley Quinn with a gun and scream running. Mallory turns around and points the gun at the door, anticipating his arrival. But Michael doesn’t show. The door shuts. She’s alone. But Rebecca… she’s still in there. Mallory quivers as she wants to run, but can’t leave Rebecca alone. She slowly goes back to the door with gun pointed. She looks at the gun, wondering if it’ll work or if she’ll use it correctly when the time comes. Right before she goes to open the door, she hesitates and decides it would be best to go around and find another way in as he’s probably waiting right there.



    It’s not him. A bearded man. His right hand to his ear. His left hand lunging for the gun. He grabs it as she shoots it again. He yanks it out her hand and grabs her body, by the waist. He carries her over his shoulder.

    She screams. He throws her down. Gets on top of her, hand over her mouth. “I’m here to help you. Please. Please, trust me and be quiet. He’s in there and he’s going to kill us if we don’t leave right now.” Suddenly, a figure behind him. HE’S RIGHT THERE. She screams into the bearded guy’s hand. He thinks she’s not complying. “That’s Michael Myers. I’ve dealt with him before…” She screams again, eyes widening. He notices she’s looking behind him. He turns around as Michael raises his knife, about to come down. Shots fired. Michael is hit. Again. And again. Bearded-man looks ahead. It’s another guy. Kinda handsome. Younger. Mallory’s age. She notices.

    The man gets off of Mallory. She starts crying. “Who is that?” Both guys pick her up and tell her they have to leave now. “No, my sister is in there.” MICHAEL SITS UP. They all run. The van pulls up. Man opens the door and the other guy jumps in. Mallory is hesitant and darts away from them towards the front entrance so she can get Rebecca. Man runs after her and grabs her as some teens stare nearby with cell-phones recording. “MY SISTER IS IN THERE!!” Man looks back to where Michael is. He’s gone. He must have went back inside. Man tells Mallory to get in the van and he’ll go back in and get her sister. “Please, just do what I say!!” She stands there as he runs to the front entrance, but cop cars come rushing into the parking lot. Man stops in his tracks. A girl runs out of the building. “REBECCA!!”, Mallory screams. Man runs back to the van and pushes Mallory inside. “MAL !!” Rebecca screams. It looks like a kidnapping. The cops notice and a pursuit is initiated.

    Some cops run to Rebecca. She is seemingly safe. The other cops (two cars) chase the van.

    Mallory pleas with them, “What do you want with me? What was that maniac back there?” Man nonchalantly shrugs her off, focused on the situation at hand, “Just give us a moment and we’ll explain everything.” A woman is driving the van. The other guy looks at Mallory with seeming idolization and wants to talk to her, but doesn’t.

    The chase doesn’t last that long. The van’s tires are shot out. The van comes to a stop. Cops surround it and draw their guns. Hands are seen popping out of the van in surrender. They are taken, handcuffed, frisked, and put in the squad cars. Except Mallory. She’s seated shotgun in one cop car, while the two men and a woman are shoved into the back of the other. Cop leans over to Mallory’s half-rolled down window and tells her, “We’ll get you home, honey.” The other cops are checking out the van. Some guns are discovered. Knives and various weapons as well. Documents. Maps. Candy and protein bars. Water.

  • disqus_uPh3WDxbQy

    Love the story. It would be a great beginner for a sequel to Halloween 3. Maybe Halloween 3 1/2.

  • Geno1987

    An october with no new Halloween, Nightmare on Elm St, or Friday the 13th movies coming out just feels wrong…

  • John Connor

    This is truly wonderful. Fits right in with the ending.

  • Saturn

    I’m pretty glad to see that more and more people are finally starting to appreciate just how good H3 actually is – upon a time I felt that perhaps I was the only fan of the movie out there (to me, it’s probably the very best of the sequels).
    I would love a direct sequel to Season Of The Witch, perhaps picking up 30 years later, Hell, it could work well a a tv show, keeping the Myers franchise as a separate entity, with each season being a new story, but all interconnected within a pagan universe.

    So how about it? A Halloween tv franchise, which totally ignores Myers altogether?

    • I sincerely hope a Netflix rep reads this and gets inspired, haha

      • Saturn

        Hey, who knows?
        The original movie series was supposed to be a different story in each movie, so it would make sense to take a gamble on the Halloween name and have something like a 6 episode season run though-out October, with a different (but still connected to the mythos) story each season.

        Perhaps have Tommy Doyle leaving Haddonfield searching for surviving members of the Cult of Thorn, stumbling on other horrific incidents on his journey, perhaps at some stage driving through Santa Mira and discovering that “the old ways” are still practiced there……

  • Jim Parsons

    Nice story – would have blown the budget right up if they had made that! Halloween 3 is silly, but great silly:

  • Taboo

    Happy Halloween! I saw this one a few days ago. It’s a must watch for me every year 🙂

  • Overton Green

    I saw this as a kid when it released. My mom took me to see it and it terrified me so much we had to leave the theater half way through the movie. I didn’t actually see the ending until a few years later on network TV.

    It was absolutely terrifying to me as a kid.

  • Evan3

    What a great Halloween treat. Thanks so much for your fanfic, it is greatly appreciated.

  • It’s funny, I was thinking to myself yesterday that I would love to see what happened after the end of H3, I love your interpretation! Bit depressing though, haha

  • Dan Warren (Forgottenretroworl

    Nice work!

  • Christopher

    I really like what you did with the ending. It gives a kind of War of the Worlds/Walking Dead feel to it. Fantastic job! BTW I thought I was the only one who appreciated HW3 all these years. It’s great to see there are others.

  • I would have ended HALLOWEEN 3 with Challis suddenly smashing the television,only to have an electrical force suddenly zap out from the TV’s remains and form into Michael Myers(complete with a butcher knife in his hand),who stands in the doorway as his presence causes Challis to loudly scream as Michael raises the knife in the air,ready to strike.

  • DD-Indeed

    This could have been perfect sequel for the movie. Halloween as this themed-franchise would have worked as ”2 movie per story”-system. So Halloween 1-2 was about Myers, 3-4 was about horrific Silver Shamrock-plan, 4-5 etc, etc, etc

    John Carpenter was again having a masteful idea, a total genius of a moviemaker. Studios are the ones to blame.

  • ikeamonkey89

    Halloween 3 wasn’t really a sequel though. For it to be a true sequel there would have to be some shared characters, of which there are none. None of the themes are the same….this and the other Halloween movies have nothing in common except for the name.

  • Flu-Like Symptoms

    They realize what a horrible mistake they made killing off Michael Myers and bring him back. Pretty sure that’s what happened.

  • Barry Goldsbury

    That’s interesting. Now I just need to know what the hell happened after that!

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