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These Custom Rick Grimes Figures Are So Realistic It’s Almost Creepy

Yes, that is actually a toy you’re looking at.

Given its record-setting popularity on AMC, “The Walking Dead” has been merchandised in countless ways over the years, including a line of action figures from the legendary McFarlane Toys. Unlike the company’s Movie Maniacs, the toys are unfortunately so small that they often don’t look all that great, but that’s okay, because customizers are picking up the slack big time.

Two customizers in particular, @JRahmier and @Owen1313, have been whipping up Rick Grimes action figures that are so realistic it’s almost impossible to tell them apart from actual images of Andrew Lincoln in character, and they’re as eerie to look at as they are impressive. Perfect marriages of sculpting, painting, and tailoring, these toys are truly next level.

Ready to be a little creeped out? Enjoy!

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  • Matt

    Wow, excellent work! JRahmier and Owen1313 are very talented indeed. They should be working in the toy industry, or maybe even in practical FX.

    • Eastman420

      Better than Mcfarlane, these are awesome.

  • Eastman420

    Great work!!!

  • CAF

    I want to buy one

  • Xmoritz

    Now tell me this isn’t a sex toy 😀

  • SpacemanSpliffz

    now if they could only make one of carl so i could rip the head off and throw it in a fire!

    edit: carl sucks!

  • zombie84_41

    WTF wow. these are the most amazing things ever created. These dudes need to create more stuff.

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