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Shyamalan Says TNT’s “Tales From the Crypt” Will Adapt Comic Book Stories

You ready for more “Tales,” kiddies?

M. Night Shyamalan is executive producing/curating TNT’s upcoming revival of “Tales From the Crypt, tentatively scheduled to air in the fourth quarter of 2017. With details still being worked out behind the scenes, we don’t yet know much in regards to what to expect from the small screen reboot, but last we heard, it’ll be a 10-episode anthology with a reinvented Crypt Keeper.

Will the series feature brand new stories or adaptations of classic EC Comics tales? Speaking with Crave Online, Shyamalan noted that the revival series will draw inspiration from the original comic books, and he even suggested that stories from EC’s Vault of Horror are on the table. Shyamalan also described a favorite Tales story of his, which will likely be adapted:

There’s a bunch. I have a folder of my favorites, like my twenty or thirty favorites. I’m trying to remember them. I mean they’re so weird. There’s one where there’s a bewitching one, where an old lady bewitches and takes the wife, and the husband has to figure it out. He keeps the old lady in the closet but that’s really his wife now. They’ve swapped, you know? And he can’t kill this woman but she’s now a beautiful woman.

Again, it’s hard to tell exactly what form TNT’s “Tales From the Crypt” will take, but based on everything we’ve heard, it seems it will feature a mix of classic stories and brand new ones. In the same interview, Shyamalan also described his vision for the show as being “naughty, and deliciously so,” which pretty much sounds like the perfect description of EC Comics to us.

TNT’s plan is to have a large horror block that will feature the new “Tales From the Crypt” alongside original shorts and two additional shows: “Time of Death” and “Creatures.”




  • Michael Dooney

    The story that he described is “Judy, You’re Not Yourself Today” and it was an episode of the show starring Carol Kane. It’s not particularly encouraging that he doesn’t know that.

    • Nahuel Benvenuto

      why should be obligatory for him to remember that?

      • Michael Josef Kappel

        Because it’s like he claimed it will be all stories we haven’t seen(unless you read the comic) and talked like he was a huge fan, which is clearly not true on both accounts.

      • Michael Dooney

        Because, as the creative director of the new show, he should be aware of what material was already used. Granted that Crypt is probably my all time favorite show, but that was one of my least favorite episodes and I still remembered it immediately from his somewhat vague description.

    • Michael Josef Kappel

      And the way he explains his favorite story is like he never actually read it lol

    • Eastman420

      Great episode, hope they do this right.

  • MadCows

    I want this to be good, but I get that bad feeling that it’s going to suck. *sigh*

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