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“Hannibal’s” Mads Mikkelsen Wants to Join Zombie Feast

Even though “Hannibal” is no longer on the air, star Mads Mikkelsen has developed quite the taste for horror, more specifically the zombie subgenre.

In an interview with Birth Movies Death the celebrated actor reveals that he wants to make a zombie film, badly.

“Zombies. I love zombies,” he tells the site. “I do love watching ‘Walking Dead’. I do. There’s something so fascinating, where when the zombies are moving sufficiently slowly, you actually want to live in that world, you know? Because you can just f–king chop the s–t out of them.

“But you should always be aware! Don’t get too close up! Because that’s when (Mads mimes biting someone’s neck as a zombie) that’s when they come. They are quite fascinating, the fast ones. Like ‘World War Z’. But it’s also too scary, man (laughs). That’s too fast for me. I wouldn’t stand a chance.”

I love this conversation because a lot of times actors just say shit that they think the press wants to hear. Here, Mikkelsen proclaims his love for zombies and explains why, and I find it intriguing. Not only does he like the idea of living in anarchy, but it reads as if he likes the challenge of trying to survive during the zombie apocalypse… so long as the undead can’t run.

Mads gets another taste of horror when he appears in Hideo Kojima’s video game, “Death Stranding” alongside “The Walking Dead’s” Norman Reedus.




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