Clearing the Air: ‘Amityville Horror’ Remake a HARD “R”

People have been emailing and pestering us until no end wanting to know if Platinum Dunes and MGM’s The Amityville Horror (review) remake is rated PG-13. The answer is NO. According to numerous sources close to the film, it will be hitting theaters on April 15th bearing a nice bold “R”. I’ve seen the film, they found plenty of ways to spill blood- just wait until you see the opening sequence! Andrew Douglas’ flick, which stars Jimmy Bennett, Ryan Reynolds and Melissa George, is a remake of the “The Amityville Horror,” which was based on the Jay Anson book. It purported that the residents of a tree-lined home in a Long Island suburb were terrorized by a haunted house. The home had been inhabited previously by a disturbed young man who murdered his family. Click here for our on-set experience with interviews.