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Artist Brings My J-horror Nightmares to Life



The one subgenre I miss more than anything in the world is J-horror, which was the golden age of Japanese horror films, many inspired by some of the most fucked up stories you’ve ever read.

Instead of furthering the genre, the films became their own cliche, churning in copycat after copycat and thus dooming it the same way found footage has hit the dumpster.

Unlike found footage, however, J-horror lives on in the form of Manga, and other illustrated works that help keep my nightmares going strong. One of my favorite artists? Junji Ito. Ito is the mad scientist behind “Uzumaki”, the spiral-themed horror series that was adapted into the freakish Japanese film.  The book is 10 times more fucked up than the movie (think The Thing x infinity), which is hard to believe. He’s also behind “Gyo” and “Tomie” and most recently had been hired to work alongside Guillermo del Toro on the now defunct “Silent Hills” video game with “Metal Gear Solid” creator Hideo Kojima.

Putting Ito’s work into a video game is one thing, but creating real-life works of art is mortifying. Twitter user @mamakiteru is an even bigger fan than we are, and has been using her makeup skills to turn herself into a variety of Ito’s creations. As cool as the color pieces are, the black and white ones are the craziest, especially the ones with panels

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