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Let’s Revisit the Chilling “Christmas Morning” Kill Tape From ‘Sinister 2’

It’s basically the creepiest Christmas short ever made.

Modern horror films don’t get much more genuinely unnerving than what’s on display in the so-called “home movies” seen in both Sinister and last year’s Sinister 2. The tapes document the chilling murders of entire families, and what makes them so disturbing is that they feel so very real. They’re all permanently etched into my brain, and I sometimes wish they’d leave.

Writers Scott Derrickson and C. Robert Cargill got pretty creative with the 16mm snuff tapes in Sinister 2 – who could ever forget the one involving rats? – and they even infused a little holiday spirit into the sequel with a home movie titled “Christmas Morning.” The video starts off rather festive with a family celebrating Christmas morning by their beautiful tree, but then, well, the Ciaran Foy-directed footage takes a turn for thesinister.

Christmas lights binding their hands and wrapped around their mouths, the family members are all buried up to their necks in the freezing snow outside their home, and though they initially appear to be dead, it’s revealed at the very end of the tape that they’re frozen solid but very much still alive to endure the pain: the mother’s eyes move, and cold breath exits her mouth.

Holiday horror is rarely this disturbing. And we applaud any movie that disturbs us.



  • Darkness69

    Not only were these snuffs creeptastic, but the music, especially in the first film, was absolutely bonkers. I hope someone releases it on vinyl soon!

    • Your record collection must be bad ass.

      • Darkness69

        Still a long way to go, but I’ve got It Follows, Re-Animator, a couple
        of Lovecraft audio stories, Hannibal all three seasons, etc. Now I’m
        aiming for the elusive Nightmare on Elm Street (so pricey!), and the
        Thing from Waxwork next year!

  • Darren Kerr

    Nothing beats the lawnmower

  • Nahuel Benvenuto

    the previouys movie hada good start and then turned into crap, not watching this one

  • J Jett

    i didn’t find any of the snuff films in this sequel to be as unsettling/disturbing/scary as the ones in the first film. (with this sequel) it doesn’t help that the music being played while they are watching said snuff films is cheesy and not effective like it was in the first film. the music/sound effects used in the original film is AS scary/disturbing as the actual snuff films themselves. they should have used the same music for the sequel (and they should not have focused so much on the ghost kids….which was the worst part of the original film).

    • PsychoMantis18

      The first is underrated in general. Much better modern American ghost-film than either of the Conjuring’s.

    • As soon as they decided to push the ghost kids thing Sinister wasn’t scary anymore. The original was such an original and scary movie before the ending, and when the sequel was basically the ending but dragged out across a whole movie it was doomed from the start.

      Still enjoyed it though. It’s a good little movie, just nowhere near as good as the original

      • J Jett

        Kirkio, i agree w/ you 100%. 🙂

    • zob rombie

      The first movie soundtrack it’s terrifying alone, without the movie. Really unsettling and creepy stuff.

  • Brian McNatt

    I’m sure my Christmas Cheer Judy Hopps pic ruins all horror credibility from the start, but…

    This was the only of the films that was effective to me as the films in the original Sinister. The rest just seemed way too complex or over-the-top in their setups. Especially the rat one. Sure, rats chewing through your guts is horrifying, but it just takes so long to set up, it makes the snuff film drag. There’s no sudden POP of horror and terror like there is with the lawnmower kill, or mounting dread like with the slow hanging kill that opens Sinister.

    • Yeah I agree, I did love the alligator one though purely for the shock value, but they were all too farfetched and over the top compared to the original. There was something so simple but terrifying about a kid running their family’s faces over with a lawn mower.

      • zob rombie

        And the soundtrack of the first one it’s better IMO.

        • Oh yeah miles better, one of the best things about Sinister. We used it as the soundtrack of our halloween party this year

  • shawn lawson

    Slackin on seeing pt 2. That was fuckin eerie though.

  • SVSLee

    Loved both of these films, although I thought the rat set-up was the weakest ‘short’ of the whole lot. The Christmas one, funnily enough, was the one I remembered the most coming out of the cinema.

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