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We’re Loving These Wacky Custom-Made Horror VHS Covers

Enter the video shop of your wildest dreams.

We often reminiscence about retro horror VHS art here on Bloody Disgusting, and that’s simply because it’s so damn nice to look at. We’ll never stop missing those trips to the video shops of yesteryear, and though those days will probably never come back, we take a whole lot of comfort in the fact that there are countless fans out there making sure the VHS spirit never dies.

In the past we’ve shared fan-made, retro-style VHS art for modern horror movies and we even recently showed you a VHS-style trailer for the 2009 Friday the 13th remake. Both of those projects brought huge smiles to our faces, and this next batch of fan art is sure to do the same for you. The folks over at VHS Wasteland are having A LOT of fun with their custom VHS art.

Using art that they grabbed from companies like Fright Rags and Cavity Colors, as well as mash-up artists around the web, the site has whipped up VHS covers (front, back and spine) for all kinds of fun faux movies and animated specials with titles like A Christmas Gory, Abbot & Costello Meet Leatherface, and The Grand Overlook Hotel. They even turned Puppet Master into a “Goosebumps” episode and made the beloved Ernest P. Worrell into a slasher villain!

Check out the often hilarious mash-up VHS art below!




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