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NECA Just Blew Our Minds With This Massive Xenomorph Skull Replica

The ultimate display piece for your trophy room!

One of the coolest Easter eggs of all time was found in Predator 2: seen displayed on a wall in the Predator trophy room was a Xenomorph skull, teasing an epic mash-up film that didn’t actually arrive until 14 years later. If you caught it at the time, you surely had something resembling whatever a “nerdgasm” is, and now all these years later, you can finally own your own Xeno skull.

NECA just announced that in March of next year they will be releasing a highly-detailed foam replica Xenomorph skull, which measures a massive 36″ long and comes with a display stand for tabletop use or wall mounting. From the NECA website:

The Xenomorph Skull Foam Replica is made of durable foam rubber and latex that’s carefully hand-painted for extra eerie detail.

Holy shit this is cool. Check out the first images below!






  • McGilli

    The more I look at that – the more I say to myself that looks nothing like what I expect a Xeno skull to look like. Don’t get me wrong – its’ totally faithful to the skull in Predator 2, but I’m just really, really partial to the original skull that has the human nose and eye sockets…

    Here’s the Pred 2 comparison vid @ 30 seconds :

    • J Jett

      McGilli, i agree. for some reason i don’t really like the bone cranium/skull mixed with the metal (looking) teeth/fangs. i guess i never thought about what a Xeno’s skull would look like and the replica about is still kind of cool but the bone/metal mix doesn’t work for me. why would the teeth be metal looking and the rest of the skull be regular bone looking. i guess it could be a human/xeno hybrid type of thing.

      • Richter Belmont

        Yeah, shouldn’t the front part of the skull be translucent? This design makes no sense to me.

  • Christian

    I can’t say I’m impressed. What the hell is with the overbite???

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