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Michael Dougherty Shares Original ‘Krampus’ Character Sketches

Krampus is watching. Krampus is waiting.

Last year, Trick ‘r Treat writer/director Michael Dougherty unleashed Krampus, a holiday horror flick centered on the mythical Christmas demon from Alpine folkore. Dougherty was the first filmmaker to bring the big K to the big screen and give him his very own movie, and it’s hard to imagine anyone ever doing it better. He delivered THE definitive Krampus horror flick.

Dougherty, no stranger to creating instant horror icons (who doesn’t love Sam?!), damn sure brought us another one with the titular Krampus, a hulking, hooved monster clad in a Santa suit and appearing to wear the face of Santa Claus himself. It was Dougherty’s choice to hide the true face of Krampus, and he has recently confirmed that the demon was indeed wearing a flesh mask.

Whose face is it? Dougherty says it’s not Santa, but he hasn’t yet spilled the beans.

Over on Twitter today, @Mike_Dougherty celebrated the holiday season by showing off his original concept doodle for Krampus, along with a much more detailed second sketch of how he envisioned the character. He also tweeted out a couple Christmas cards he sent out many years prior to making Krampus, which ended up being used as the basis for the Anti-Claus’ minions.

If you own the book The Art of Krampus, you’ve probably already seen these, but for those who don’t, they provide some nice insight into the creation of last year’s holiday horror gem!




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