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Upcoming Negan Action Figure Brings Jeffrey Dean Morgan To the Toy Shelf

“Hi, I’m Negan.”

As we told you earlier this week, McFarlane Toys is soon releasing a replica of Lucille, Negan’s brutal weapon of choice, but that’s not the only treat on the way for fans of Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s commanding/terrifying/highly entertaining performance in “The Walking Dead.” As Negan, the actor has totally changed the game, and he’s finally being immortalized as an action figure.

McFarlane has in the past released several action figures of the comic book version of Negan, but they’ve just announced and unveiled the very first toy of Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s TV show incarnation of Negan. The 7″ action figure apparently won’t begin shipping until August of next year, but it’s currently available for pre-order through your online toy retailer of choice.

From the official description:

Figure comes with scaled “Lucille” barbed-wire baseball bat. Spectacular likeness for Negan sculpted from images of actor Jeffery Dean Morgan. Sculpted in his iconic outfit from Season 7 of AMC’s The Walking Dead. 7-inch figure complete with stylized brand specific display base. Redesigned with 14+ points of articulation for dynamic posing. Leader of the group known as The Saviors, Negan is one of the most merciless enemies to ever cross paths with Rick Grimes and the other survivors. With no remorse, Negan executes those who get in his way with his weapon of choice, Lucille. With the barrel end wrapped in barbed wire, Lucille is the iconic baseball bat that Negan wields to not only intimidate others, but eliminate them as well. Lucille is coated in red, symbolizing the blood covering the bat after Negan takes out his aggression on Glenn and Abraham.

Check out your first look at the 7″ Negan below!





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