Major Tokyo Shock Update- ‘Battle Royale’ in the Future?

Asian horror is hot, hotter than horror is in general here in the States. Media Blasters, who has brought us a mirage of great titles over the years like Fudoh: The Next Generation, has made a new announcement about a few titles they’ve acquired for release later this year. Although the great Battle Royale isn’t one of them, they do say they are trying to get it, but “Toei has kept a very tight rein on the licenses.” Read on for the story…
The Anime News Network writes:

“Media Blasters had a slew of licensing announcements to make at their Katsucon panel this year.

…Meanwhile, Tokyo Shock, the live action branch of Media Blasters, has acquired a number of titles. These include Ryuhei Kitamura’s Sky High, as well as Masayuki Asao’s Flower and Snake. Tokyo Shock will also release Izo, One Missed Call, and One Missed Call 2, the first two directed by Takashi Miike and the latter by Renpei Tsukamoto. Moving to release more Asian films outside of Japan, they have also acquired Nightmare (Korea) and The Sisters (Thailand).

Sirabella also mentioned that Media Blasters has been trying to obtain the rights for both Battle Royale and Battle Royale 2, but so far, Toei has kept a very tight rein on the licenses.”

Source: Anime News Network