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Fan Theory Video Wonders If “Stranger Things” is a Slenderman Origin Story

It had these long arms… and it didn’t have a face.”

Some people love fan theories, and others totally hate them. I’m not going to pretend I don’t understand why they annoy some folks, but goddamn do I love a good fan theory. The internet has exposed the negativity of every kind of fandom imaginable, but when fans use their brainpower to come up with wacky, wonderful, and sometimes mind-blowing theories about their favorite movies and television shows, it totally reignites my faith in fandom at large. Fan theories represent fans at their most fanatical, and as crazy as some of them are, I just cannot get enough.

The man behind YouTube page Inside a Mind is known for his in-depth fan theories, and in his latest video he tackles one of 2016’s best things: “Stranger Things.” What’s the theory, you ask? Jamie believes that the monstrous Demogorgon is actually the internet legend we know as Slenderman. Furthermore, he posits that “Stranger Things” tells Slenderman’s origin story.

Of course, while it’s possible that the Duffer Brothers were inspired by Slenderman when creating the Demogorgon, it’s unlikely that this theory holds any real water, but it’s an amusing and interesting one nonetheless. When you really think about it, the two share many of the same defining qualities (nearly all of them, in fact), and if you slapped a black suit and a white mask on the Demogorgon, well, he’d probably look pretty damn similar to Slenderman.

But as Jamie explains, he’s just having fun here:

It’s just my brain going into overdrive, creating nonsense for a bit of entertainment.

Check out the fun fan theory video below.




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