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This Brilliant Video Edits Kevin McCallister into Battle With Various Horror Villains

With special appearances from John McClane and Iron Man!

Okay so look. We realize that we’re a few days past Christmas here, but in my world, Christmas technically lasts through December 31st. My tree is still up. My lights are still up. My stocking is still hung on the chimney with care. And yes, there’s still freakin’ wrapping paper all over the floor. It’s not that I’m lazy. My cats just love playing with it. And also I’m pretty goddamn lazy.

My point? I don’t know. But it’s never too late for holiday fun.

Last month we shared a brilliant video that edited all of our favorite slasher villains into one shared universe, and the genius behind that video is back with another slice of awesome. The new video, uploaded a few days before Christmas but somehow not discovered by us until today, is titled Christmas Town Invasion: Kevin’s Fate, and it’s set in a world where all your favorite holiday icons breathe the same frigid air. Oh and they all want to kill Kevin McCallister.

Because why the hell not? He’s home alone. The perfect victim!

Editing wizard Antonio Maria Da Silva sets the stage:

In Christmas Town, it snows every day of the year, but this night is peculiar. It’s in this city and on this night that the fate of humanity is played out. Or maybe it’s just Kevin’s destiny…

Kevin McCallister vs. Jason, Krampus, and the Gremlins. Enjoy.




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