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Someone Just Turned 2016 into a Hilarious Horror Movie Trailer

Well, this was inevitable.

It’s silly to accuse a year of bringing evil upon the world, but when you really think about it, some pretty awful things have happened in the last twelve months. From a sizeable handful of truly iconic artists dying to, well, that whole political thing that shocked us all last month, 2016 hasn’t exactly been the greatest year… in fact, many have described it as a real life horror movie.

Thanks to Friend Dog Studios, now it is a horror movie. Sort of.

The spoof trailer 2016: The Movie pits a group of young characters up against 2016’s corporeal form, which appears to be a maniac wearing a mask that has “2016” crudely written onto it. He’s basically the personification of the year, you see, and he’s not letting the characters make it to 2017 without a fight. Of course, this is a faux trailer for a movie that doesn’t actually exist, but that’s probably for the best. Sometimes trailers are better. Sometimes they’re all we need.

Then again, this movie would probably be YUGE at the box office.

Enjoy. And hang in there. 2016 is almost over.




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