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The Ultimate ‘Pumpkinhead’ Mask is Coming Halloween 2017

Keep away from Pumpkinhead. Unless you’re tired of living.

Back in 2012, the legendary Don Post Studios was set to release a Pumpkinhead mask (with creature gloves!) that I couldn’t wait to get my hands on, but sadly, the company’s collapse led to that year’s Halloween offerings being left on the cutting room floor. To date, an officially licensed mask of one of my personal favorite movie monsters has never been released, but I’m incredibly happy to report that the wait is almost over. Because for Halloween 2017, Trick or Treat Studios summons the vengeance demon, and we’ve got your first look at the awesome upcoming mask.

Sculpted by Bruce Fuller and shown off on Instagram this week by company co-founder Justin Mabry, the Trick or Treat Studios Pumpkinhead mask is movie-accurate and insanely detailed, looking like someone walked onto the set of the film, cut off the big guy’s head, and turned it into a display piece. The paint job is as impressive as the sculpt, capturing every little detail right down to the blue veins on Pumpkinhead’s massive forehead. Simply put, this is the Pumpkinhead Halloween mask that myself and many others have loooong been waiting for.

The company’s Halloween 2017 product line will also include a ginormous Texas Chainsaw Massacre collection to die for and several Creepshow masks.

Check out your first look at the Pumpkinhead mask below!

Pumpkinhead for 2017 by @groovybruce01 for @trick_or_treat_studios

A photo posted by Justin Mabry (@mabry_monsters) on

Pumpkinhead for 2017 by @groovybruce01 for @trick_or_treat_studios

A photo posted by Justin Mabry (@mabry_monsters) on

Pumpkinhead for 2017 by @groovybruce01 for @trick_or_treat_studios

A photo posted by Justin Mabry (@mabry_monsters) on



  • Creepshow

    Start working out those neck muscles kids, cause this bad-boy weighs in at 57 lbs.

  • Braker

    So much rad here.

  • Alanmac

    Holy cow that looks amazing! Good luck putting together the stilts and the body to match it on Halloween. Otherwise it’ll just look ridiculous.

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