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Abandoned Homes Made Out of LEGOs is Depressing and Scary

Artist Mike Doyle uses LEGO pieces to create stunning sculptures, but the ones that blow my mind are the abandoned houses that are both frightening and depressing.

From putting a tree into the side of a house to a refrigerator busting through the top floor, Doyle shares brick-by-brick details on how he creates these monochrome black, white, and grey palette masterpieces on his official blog (look to the left navigation bar).

For now, here’s a taste of the magic he’s created in 2016.



  • SpacemanSpliffz


    • Ted C

      That word’s 15 minutes are up.

      • Ravinus

        Oh good, you’re here.

  • Cheshire TrollCat

    Damn. That is an amazing piece of art!!! Think of how much effort went into that.

  • Fracassi

    OK. This is the best LEGO art I have ever seen. I don’t even have to give a second thought.

  • Jack Thompson

    This is from the Lego:Detroit set.

  • Ted C

    Frightening and depressing? How?

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