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What Are the Scariest Horror Movie Moments of the Last 10 Years?

Last week we reflected on Bravo’s “100 Scariest Movie Moments” special, which originally aired on the network back in 2004. The multi-part special counted down the scariest movie scenes up to that point in time, and the most common response we received on the article went a little something like this: “How cool would it be if they did an updated version of this today?!

We agree. That’d be really awesome. It’s been over a decade since that comprehensive list of scary scenes was put together, and needless to say, the past 10+ years have given us no shortage of horror movies that have imparted nightmares. But what are the scariest scenes of the past decade? Which moments would you include on an updated list, if Bravo asked for your help?

That’s the discussion we’d like to have today, and I figured I’d kick things off with my own little list of recent movie scenes that scared the daylights out of me. As a 30-year-old, jaded viewer who’s been watching horror movies his whole life, it’s not very easy to scare me these days, so the following films have my eternal respect for making me question sleeping with the lights off…


[REC] (2007)






MAMA (2013)







Which recent moments scared YOU?



  • Eek. The Conjuring 2 moment is one of my favorites in a long time. I would also add the ending to Kill List. It’s so WTF as you’re unsure what’s happening until its too late.

    • Feonix

      Kill List is superb.

    • Valak, I have found, is also very good at terrifying people at comic-con type conventions, too.

      • Aggghh! Keep it away!

      • There is just something about Valak that just provokes an instantly visceral physical response in me. It’s like if I’m scrolling through these posts and I see a picture of Reagan’s demon possessed face from ‘The Exorcist’, I have an instantly queezy feeling in my stomach. It’s kinda the same feeling you get when you’re driving fast and you see a cop, and you instantly get that feeling in your gut that you’re busted. That’s the way I feel when I see a picture of Valak… <-D

    • Kill List is a genre masterpiece.

      That ending feels like a punch to the dick.

    • justin anthony

      I was just thinking about Kill List also, the librarian scene and the end of the movie. That entire movie is unsettling and creepy like a nightmare. I will never get tired of that movie.

  • LosLockos

    Wow, that gif of The Taking… looks really creepy – I completely missed that movie, is it any good?

    The REC finale and It Follows is definitely right up there, those made my heart combust

    • John Squires

      The Taking of Deborah Logan is really good and VERY creepy. Definitely check it out… with all the lights off!

      • LosLockos

        Sounds nice, will do!

    • It’s one of the great found footage films, give it a chance 😀

      • LosLockos

        i did, it’s truly one of the better ones, thanks!

    • George W. Kush

      4 sho. It was on Netflix, not sure if it still is.

    • I would recommend it, I thought it was a very good movie. I actually consider it to be an underrated gem because it really keeps you off balance and guessing until the end scene that, well… is above. I watched it with my ex girlfriend and her daughter and we all loved it, so it isn’t just me…

      • LosLockos

        Sounds about right – I felt entertained and it had some really good scares and a nice athmosphere that built up slowly, but effectiye. Thanks for taking the time to write this!

  • Elizabeth

    Haha. I immediately thought of Deborah Logan before I clicked on the headline and then there it was.

    • Chromwagner

      Maybe because the screenshot is right above the headline but well done 😉

      • Elizabeth

        The feed app I use doesn’t show graphics (just the headlines) so the pic wasn’t there for me to see until I opened the article.

  • Alexander McNeill

    Lake fucking Mungo! Anyone who’s seen this film knows which particular moment I’m on about!

    • Asty

      traumatizing lol

    • Feonix

      Haha yes…. that movie is top notch. Also the Tunnel, another great Aussie horror.

    • I get chills to remembering that scene.

      And when the credits roll… holy shit, that movie is fantastic

    • Matt Graupman

      “Lake Mungo” is by far the most unsettling horror movie of the last ten years. It’s perfectly paced, beautifully constructed, and that scene is genuinely horrifying.

  • Travis_Bickle

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    • LOL!! I agree, it’s like ‘The Dead Zone’ all over again… <-D

    • fools2234

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      • Travis_Bickle

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        • Travis_Bickle


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  • WoodsboroKiller

    The tunnel scene from Blair Witch kinda freaked me the fuck out. Might be my claustrophobia.

    • syntaxterror

      ditto.. that was always the creepiest thing about The Descent as well

    • Forca85

      The Cave diving scenes in “Turistas”. JHC… Panic attack inducing.

  • Chromwagner

    Good job spoiling every fucking one of them. Bravo!

    • Wormwood

      You’d think that people coming to a thread about the scariest horror scenes of the last decade would realise that people may actually talk about/show images of said scenes.

      • Chromwagner

        Fair enough but this page is now making a habit out of it. I like reading about films and all but there’s one thing writing/talking about something and another completely spoiling it even visually.

  • A2VL

    The lightbulb scene in Oculus and the whole television sequence in The Babadook freaked me out!

  • To no repeat the same ones, the phone footage in Lake Mungo, that was out of fucking nowhere and it’s so effective, the baby scene in The Witch is disturbing as hell too.

    • ShadowInc

      Lake Mungo doesn’t get enough love. That movie disturbed me for days.

  • amir ezra

    Probably The Bay (2011) is kinda crappy, but the scene when the cops enter the house and see “what crawling on those people?” have an effect on me.

    You do not see anything, but the sound of shocks on their voice and you suppose to picture what’s happening in your head, kinda disturb me.

  • KLD

    The only time I ‘jumped’ at a scene was in the first Insidious when the demon was standing behind the lamp in the child’s room. He did nothing but the quick view of it as the parents walked by got me. I don’t get scared at movies anymore although I do get anxious. That one made me smile.

  • Matt Graupman

    Besides the climactic scene in “Lake Mungo” (which is terrifying), I’d also add that ritualistic kill scene in “Bone Tomahawk” (which comes practically out of nowhere and is brutal) and the throat-cutting scene in the “Second Honeymoon” segment from the first “V/H/S” movie (it’s brief but feels incredibly real and visceral).

    • Guillermo Bosque

      I agree with you so much, all of those scenes were brutal.

  • lonestarr357

    Good call on the SINISTER moment. Yikes.

    • John Squires

      It may be a jump scare, but goddamn does it work!

  • Matt Miller

    There must be a lot of moments but the first that comes to my mind is the “un, dos, tres, toca la pared” game scene in The orphanage. The fact that you only see the shadows of the children behind the woman was chilling. It’s one of the scariest movies of the last years in my opinion.

    • Biscoito18

      That’s the first that came to my mind too. I love The Orphanage. Everything in this scene is perfect.

      • Matt Miller

        Yeah, it’s so well done. It has a lot of brilliantly made scenes and the actress is amazing. Also the ending is stupidly moving xD.

  • For me, every scenes with the nun in The Conjuring 2 were scary, lol

  • disqus_uPh3WDxbQy

    Great list. Loved all these moments.

  • Biscoito18

    “The Conjuring” – The sheet scene;
    “Mama” – Lucas’ dream with his dead brother;
    “Backcountry” – The bear attack;
    “Pan’s Labyrinth” – The famous pale man scene;
    “The Grudge 2” – Aubrey’s dies like Kayako;
    “Silent Hill” – Pyramid Head kills Anna
    “Death Proof” – The amazing car crash scene;
    “Prometheus” – The surgery scene”
    “Under the Skin” – The brutal ending scene;

    Another good ones from 2016:
    “The Autopsy of Jane Doe” – The elevator scene (even with that confusing ending)
    “The Wailing” – That part where the shaman is barred from entering the policeman’s house and starts to puke a LOT of blood. That disturbed me.
    “Under the Shadow” – The scene where the mother wake up to find “her husband” sleeping next to her;
    “The Shallow” – The first shark attack;
    “The Witch” – The breastfeeding scene;

    • Matt Miller

      From 2016 I would add The eyes of my mother too but I can’t pick a moment , all the movie was equally terrifying.

    • Guillermo Bosque

      Glad to see someone who enjoyed Backcountry 🙂

  • Scrimm

    None of those, though there a couple decent films listed. The one that comes to my mind was the demon statue scene from The Shrine. Or maybe the scene in Pontypool where the weatherman callss back in and describes what he is seeing.

    • Old Man Doom

      PONTYPOOL >>>>>>

    • ‘Pontypool’ is a CLASSIC movie and one of the few zombie movies that I really enjoyed. Low budget, low tech, but great story and great acting and is effective as fuck. This is a really underrated movie and there is good reason why it makes many peoples’ top horror movies lists…

      • Scrimm

        Exactly. I prefer the first half where there just listening to it unfold. They really sold that well.

    • James Allard

      Can we all just agree that Pontypool is one of the best overall films of the last decade? Horror notwithstanding, that is.

    • Redsam6

      Yes that scene in The Shrine is wicked!

  • RedNeoCon

    Audition – “tick…tick…tick…”
    The Witch – Eating baby scene near beginning
    Hostel – Blowtorch scene

    • Gale Mcloon

      they are gross ,not scary

      • RedNeoCon

        Watching that Japanese chick drug the guy and slowly saw off his foot was scary AF. Women can be batshit crazy scary.

    • Actually, the witches didn’t eat the baby in ‘The VVitch’. They killed it and ground it into pulp and used the baby pulp as a levitation agent on their bodies and their brooms.

      • RedNeoCon

        I guess I missed the part where they didn’t eat the baby. My wife had such a visceral reaction to it, I turned to reassure her then turned back around. Either way, that movie was scary in a certain way and that’s what made it soooo good.

      • Idi “Big Daddy” Amin

        Yep. And that’s even worse.

  • Anthony DeRouen

    Agree with all!

  • Bobby Jones

    what year was Kim K’s sex tape?

  • Evan3

    Gotta add that scene in The Descent where they are scanning the group in night vision and there is an extra “person” in the group.

  • Here’s my top 10 scariest scenes of 2016;
    1. The final levitation scene and the boy Caleb’s death in ‘The VVitch’.
    2. The demon reveal in ‘The Wailing’.
    3. The baby stealing and mother torture scene from ‘The Eyes of My Mother’.
    4. The Bye Bye man tent scare scene from ‘The Conjuring 2’.
    5. The upside down girl on the ceiling and the black demon scenes from ‘Ouija: Origin of Evil’.
    6. The ringing bell scene from ‘The Autopsy of Jane Doe’.
    7. The mannequin scene from ‘Lights Out’
    8. The jugular slash scene from ‘Hush’.
    9. The box cutter scene from ‘Green Room’.
    10. The chimera/octopus birth scene from ‘Evolution’.

    • Darren Kerr

      Been meaning to watch Evolution for a while now…seems like one of those films you need to give the time to.

      • ‘Evolution’ was OK and that scene was freaky and gross, but I wouldn’t highly recommend it. It is pretty artsy and abstract and there is barely any dialogue. The scene I mentioned is about the only scary scene in the movie, but it was definitely a freaky scene…

    • Evan3

      That is way more than 10 moments!

    • That scene from “The Eyes of My Mother” fucked me UP. Easily one of my top terrifying moments.

  • Jimmy Cthulhuhan

    Oh look, more Conjuring 2. Admittedly, the nun painting bit was one of the few parts I liked (despite how stupid it is in the first place)… but only before that^ retarded shot. I did a literal facepalm there.

    Only thing I can think to add not yet mentioned… the bed scenes in They Look Like People. Ultimately a somewhat disappointing movie, but those moments were some of the creepiest shit ever imo.

    • Matt Miller

      That scene in The canal was great. Also where the corpse gives birth xD it was pretty gross.

  • I was just rewatching ‘The Conjuring 2’ and I found 2 Easter eggs for anyone who is interested. The name of the demonic Nun is Valak if you didn’t know. When Ed Warren has a dream and wakes up and paints the picture of Valak, it jogs Lorraine’s memory and she sits down at the dinner table. Right behind her there is a heart shaped wall hanging that has the word ‘love’ with the V being much bigger than the other letters. Then the letters ALAK are located just to the right of the heart, which makes VALAK. Also, on the window sill in the shots with Ed is the word VALAK in knitted macrame’. Ed and Lorraine need to wake up and see the signs!! 😉

    • Also, around the 44 minute mark Lorraine is at home and on the bookshelf in the scene the wooden letters VALAK are clearly visible. This is the scene right before Valak is seen by Lorraine and her daughter. 🙂

  • That scene from Sinister gets me EVERY time! Brilliant jump scare. Most of the others I don’t agree so much, but Deborah Logan looks like a great watch, might have to check it out!

  • pablitonizer

    Sinister & Rec scenes…. MAMA was laughable!

    • Darren Kerr

      Mama was terrible

      • pablitonizer

        Thank God you also think that!

  • Darren Kerr

    While it’s not the best acted film out there (the lead character being especially poor), there’s a bedroom scene towards the end of “Lord Of Tears” that really freaked me out.
    Not a jump scare…it seems to be relentless.

  • SpacemanSpliffz
    how this is not on the list is beyond me, utterly horrifying to 30 year old me, but 8 year old me would have loved that shit

    • TheHorrorNerd

      What the hell happened to that guy?

      • SpacemanSpliffz

        cocaine, pills, booze and perverts. it’s unfortunate to say, but it is true

      • Meisha’s Taint

        He grew up

    • “The gig is up! Hollywood is soul crushing child abusing wasteland of money grubbing power hungry predators looking for children to prey on. I am exposing this underground world of sex and drugs for everyone to see. When they do, they will see that Hollywood is only a place for shallow empty souls only looking to fill their pockets and fulfill their dreams. And with being said, I think the best thing to do about it is… DANCE DANCE DANCE!!!” – Corey Feldman

  • Daniel Zamudio

    Can we just agree that horror scenes work differently for each person’s subconscious and personal fears?
    I loved all the scenes John put here, but none of them really scared me.
    I just can’t stand Body Horror movies, those scare me AF. But these are a good selection of perfect atmosphere and well executed horror scenes. Great as always John!

  • Guillermo Bosque

    great list

  • Idi “Big Daddy” Amin

    I remember watching [REC] for the first time, stoned out of my tree. I had that horrible sense of being absolutely terrified but rooted to the spot in that scene. I felt like the old cliche of the rabbit in headlights. Petrifying.

  • I’ve never seen THE TAKING OF DEBORAH LOGAN, but I just agree about It Follows and REC. The Counjuring 2 and Mama are a bad joke. And The Strangers, I dunno why, but I don’t think is a good movie either.

  • Amy

    That scene from It Follows is one of the best scenes from the whole movie!

    • Ariel

      I agree 100%. That scene was perfect.

  • The conjuring bloody clap and the witch above the closet should be considered top horror moments! Also anything from Rec and Rec 2 made me to shit bricks. I would add also the pyramind head’s entrance in silent hill where it rips off the skin of a person and throws it away. That freaked me out good back in 2006

  • Michael Bates

    Thank you … THE TAKING OF DEBORAH LOGAN was one of the best surprises I had watching a film. It is so disturbing, and the tie-in of the the original “problem” of Deborah is unique and quite clever how they tie things up at the end.

  • Meisha’s Taint

    Rec was my pick. The end and the stair case scene were brutal

  • Meisha’s Taint

    Clown anyone? The play place scene with the dead kid’s limb is being tossed against the plastic tube should be on this list. Just the idea of some one or something like that lurking in a kids play place like that is just terrifying and I don’t even have kids

  • Dan.germouse

    Is this a joke, how could you include Mama, it was utter shite, and the conjuring 2 was so cliched, The Taking Of Deborah Logan definitely deserves a place, but where is Clown?

  • Matt

    Unfortunately Descent 2 wasn’t as scary as the first, cause the first scared the shit out of me.

    Apartment 1303 was scary to me. The Babadook wasn’t scary in the same way, but that Hitchcock style. But I think Insidious was top 10 and think maybe Absentia is somewhere up there.

  • Dinglebobman

    the final scene in digging up the marrow that is what scared the shit out of me

  • MCDexX

    The Visit – Playing under the house when a third player joins in… (Close second to the Skype conversation with their mother that reveals the big twist – I simply did not see it coming and it FLOORED me).

    V/H/S – Most of the first story, but especially when the mystery girl appears at the bottom of the stairs. GAH!
    Drag Me To Hell – The reveal of the old lady in the back seat of the car. Absolutely masterful filmmaking. Seeing it in a cinema is amazing, because you can hear the ripples of recognition flow around the audience as everyone sees it at slightly different times.
    V/H/S 2 – The first reveal of the aliens scared the bejeezus out of me.
    Behind the Mask – That moment when we and the heroine realise that it isn’t a black comedy anymore: we’ve just switched genres and the horror has become serious. It was like being punched. Brilliant filmmaking.
    Resolution – That crane shot at the end, and what it implies… *shudder*

  • The Horrorist

    End Of The Line (2007) – when the woman looks at a painting of what she just saw and looks back at the real image. One of the most underrated low-budget horror movies ever. Love that one.
    The Descent (2005) – when Sarah sees one of the crawlers and no-one believes her.

  • SuperKilla

    As much as I believe in filmmakers showing us the monsters instead of letting us use our imagination which I feel is a cheat, that is what books are for in my opinion, I have to say the scene in this movie when the creatures go back to get Daniel was actually suspenseful and scary, but I was let down by the end that they did not show the creatures entirely. But indeed one of the scariest horror movie moments since the release of Bravo’s 100 scariest movie moments.

  • Nodar

    For me scariest scene is in insidious – Baby Room scene

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