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The Original ‘Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3’ Teaser Was the Coolest

While we wait for the Leatherface (2017?) trailer, let’s revisit the Leatherface (1990) teaser.

In the wake of Tobe Hooper making his own sequel to The Texas Chain Saw Massacre in 1986, the franchise rights were scooped up by New Line Cinema, the studio that was of course knee deep in the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise at that point in time. They hoped to turn Leatherface into a money-maker on the level of Freddy Krueger, and the first glimpse of their franchise reboot Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3 was attached to the ’89 theatrical release of A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child.

It came in the form of a teaser trailer…


Funny enough, the teaser for Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3 was actually filmed and shown off before director Jeff Burr was even hired, and at the time, the film was slated for release on November 3rd, 1989 – the actual release date ended up being January 12th, 1990. That teaser, which audiences saw in the summer of ’89, featured footage that was never actually seen in the movie, and it recast Leatherface as King freakin’ Arthur. Keep in mind that New Line was looking to turn Leatherface into a superstar, and oh boy did he make a grand re-entrance in ’89.

The teaser, a play on the legend of King Arthur and the “Lady of the Lake,” starts off with Leatherface standing solemnly by a lake, looking like he’s lost his way. Suddenly, a massive Excalibur-inspired silver chainsaw rises up from the depths of the lake, and it literally flies right into Leatherface’s hand. It’s then hit with a bolt of lightning and, well, Leatherface is back, baby.

Legend has it that Kane Hodder portrayed Leatherface for the teaser, which would make sense considering he was the film’s stunt coordinator. Again, the teaser was shot before production even began, so it would stand to reason that R.A. Mihailoff hadn’t yet been cast. To the best of my knowledge, however, Hodder has never confirmed that he played Leatherface in the teaser.

In any event, relive the majestic awesomeness below!



  • Nice teaser, but I really need the trailer for the new Texas Chainsaw film.

    • Agreed. The rumors are that the film isn’t too great which is why it keeps getting pushed back, but I’m blindly excited because of the directors.

  • pablitonizer

    I think they’re trying to copycat Jason with the lake view and the hand of a woman as if she were his mother giving him the power and weapon to kill them all. Should have been called “leatherface: the friday massacre”

    • Nick Sousa

      Definitely copying the Lady of the Lake scene in John Boormans Excalibur from 1981.

      • I Am Colossus

        Awhahahaha like nobody caught that?!!!!??? You even posted the trailer awhahahahaha what a sucker

  • Nick Sousa

    I loved this teaser when it came out. Excalibur is one of my favorite movies so the nod to the lady of the lake scene was awesome.

    • Mackey

      My thoughts exactly.

  • IHateCreativeKills

    I remember being a kid when this came out and remember being FREAKED OUT by it. Awesome

  • Grab the 2003 DVD. Great doc on there explaining the mess that went on during production, and the MPAA’s demands.

  • Certainly one of the best teasers. I actually watched this last night and then instantly searched for any news on a Blu ray release. Sadly…there was nothing.

  • Flu-Like Symptoms

    Never knew that was supposedly Kane Hodder in the teaser. But, now that I re-watch it again, it certainly looks like his body type. Now I know the first question I’ll ask when I see him again.

  • José Veras

    This teaser is amazing and surreal. The chainsaw emerging from de lake was fantastic. The place remind me Friday the 13th… I hope the new movie of leatherface will be good, because the last movie was a mess.

  • Quinton Ridley

    Slow news day

  • disqus_uqr3Boh0Wp

    It was so cool

  • I Am Colossus

    I remember everyone unanimously laughing at how dumb this was when it came out……. yea it’s pretty cheesy, but the movies cool

  • THGrimm

    This teaser came on before some movie I saw years ago way before I ever saw a Texas Chainsaw film, but I thought it was sweet. I knew the legacy of the movie and thought this was just plain fun.

  • This is the best.

  • thegunshow

    This teaser sucked when it came out and it still sucks. Completely laughable and makes a joke of the original TCM.

  • Blade4693

    Lol I remember me and a bunch of people had a good laugh at this not that long ago when waiting for Leatherface to come out in MKX. I maybe could see this being cool back in the 90’s? But today it’s just kind of silly haha

  • Matthew Snope

    Haha, good trailer. I saw the movie Shakes the Clown in a theatre in Minneapolis many many years ago, and for some reason the theatre (probably an independent) played the original TCM movie trailer before Shakes. Quite a juxtaposition.

  • Giovanni Deldio

    I love this teaser to death. I remember seeing it as a kid and thinking it was the coolest thing ever. It still is!

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