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This Artist Paints Badass Horror Movie-Themed VCRs

As of last year, the VCR is officially dead. But one artist is bringing it back to life.

Though we may all have a nostalgic fondness for them, there’s no denying that VCRs were clunky. They were also kind of ugly. And let’s not forget that they’d often eat our tapes. But we love them all the same, don’t we? I still to this day have one right by my TV, because I sometimes do still get the desire to have an old school “VHS night.” I pop some popcorn, pour myself a drink, and slide in a tape, and if only for 90-minutes, I feel like a kid again. In that sense, VCRs are kind of like time machines, transporting us back to a simpler time in our lives. And who doesn’t want that?!

But the VCRs of your childhood, well, they damn sure looked nothing like THESE.

An artist who goes by the Instagram handle @Sorce_CodeVHS has been hand-painting bland videocassette recorders and turning them into colorful pieces of art, and many of his custom creations are themed after his favorite horror movies. These one-of-a-kind VCRs feature paintings inspired by films like Aliens, The Thing, Scanners, and Children of the Corn, and the artist covers every square inch of the devices with art in an effort to make them as cool as possible. The end result? Outdated, obsolete devices that somehow feel completely fresh and new again.

Check out some of the custom VCRs below and be sure to follow the artist on Instagram!




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