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McFarlane Reveals Upcoming “The Walking Dead” Aaron Action Figure

Because come on. Who doesn’t want a Ross Marquand toy?!

A recruiter for the Alexandria Safe Zone, we first met Aaron back in Season 5 of “The Walking Dead,” and he’s since gone on to become a major character in the AMC series. How do you know when a character on the show is considered “major”? When McFarlane gives that character their very own action figure, of course!

Just shown off over on the McFarlane Toys website, the 5″ Aaron action figure is coming soon, and it includes approximately 22 points of articulation and is sculpted in the character’s Season 5 outfit. The figure, featuring a digital scan of Ross Marquand, comes with a listening device with headphones, a Remington Model Seven Compact Rifle, a license plate, and a pistol.

McFarlane describes the character:

Good-natured and adventurous, Aaron was the ideal choice to be Alexandria’s recruiter. Despite the harsh and un-trusting reaction he received from initial contact of Rick’s group, he saw the good that can come out of even the roughest members. He knew Alexandria needed Rick if they planned to stay alive. Aaron was not only correct in his judgement but became a valued and trusted individual with the survivors, which helped lead them and Alexandria into a whole new world.

Check out your first look below and look for Aaron on store shelves soon!






  • Josh Blitzenbrox Myers

    Aaron? Hmmm. His face looks like Michael Myers.

    McFarlane toys are great at making hulking musclebound things with oversized claws, and gigantic breasts, but realistic likenesses? Not so much

  • John

    I remember when McFarlane used to put out exciting stuff.

  • YankyPanky

    Yawn… Why does the gay character have a spy mic? Does he suspect his boyfriend cheating on him with Daryl?

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