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‘Behind the Mask’ Director Shared With Us Another Fun ’70s Horror Easter Egg

Last month we had a little chat with writer David Stieve, the man who penned the brilliant meta slasher flick Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon. As we shared with you, Stieve told us that in his mind when he wrote the script, actor Scott Wilson’s character Eugene (Leslie’s mentor) was intended to be Billy from the original Black Christmas, and when we went back and revisited the 2006 film, we realized that it all added up. Eugene notes that he was a prolific killer in the late ’60s/early ’70s who was never caught, which damn sure sounds like Billy to us.

Pretty cool, right? Of course, this connection between Black Christmas and Behind the Mask was just a bit of fun rather than any sort of official link between the two films, but in any event, it’s hard to ever watch Behind the Mask again without thinking of Eugene as Billy. An amusing little tidbit that adds an additional element to the film, and really nothing more than that.

So relax. Don’t get mad at us for having a little fun here!

In the wake of posting that article, Behind the Mask director Scott Glosserman reached out to us to reveal another little Easter egg that put a smile on my face. If Eugene was indeed a prolific slasher in the ’60s and ’70s, it would stand to reason that Black Christmas wasn’t his only gig, and this Easter egg suggests that maybe he was also responsible for The Toolbox Murders


Here’s Eugene’s monologue from Behind the Mask, which hints at his past:

It was a whole different world back when I was in the game. I had a good portion of my success in the late ’60s, ’70s. Back then, it was about quantity of work – how many jobs can you fit in a year, how many places can you hit? Ya know, we didn’t have all this preparation these guys use today. There’s always been hacks out there. People mucking it up. One-hit wonders who make a bloody mess of some sorority somewhere and get killed… or arrested. Makes it bad for all of us. Cheapens it.

Jay, Fred, Mike… there weren’t nobody like them in the early years. We just hit hard, wiped everybody out, and disappeared as soon as we could… without ever giving a thought to coming back. Those boys lifted it to a whole other level, they made an artform of it. Turned themselves into legends, by returning like a curse over and over again. That was a radical change in philosophy. Changed the whole business.

Again, this is all for fun. Take it or leave it!




  • Xander Grishchenko

    That’s great, but where’s the sequel???
    It’s been over 10 years since we last saw Leslie and we want to see him more.

    • Saturn

      I know, the only mention of Leslie Vernon we have heard since the original movie was Hatchet 2.
      It’s time for his return!

    • Mark Lepine

      They tried to Kickstart it but it didn’t get enough support.

    • Elizabeth

      Yeah, it’s pretty much dead in the water. I didn’t even know about the kickstarter when it happened or I would have contributed. Out of all of the horrible sequels that get greenlit every year, this is one that probably would have actually been good.

  • turk

    My only issue with this is that Eugene doesn’t at all seem like the psychotic, unhinged, drooling madman that Billy was in “Black Christmas”. But I guess it doesn’t have to totally make sense since it isn’t canon.

    • oh_riginal

      To be fair, Leslie Vernon doesn’t act like a crazy killer until the 3rd act of the film. Prior to that, he is a likeable, chill dude all too happy to film the “documentary” and even comes off as friendly to the film crew.

  • Daniel Anderson

    I’ll be that guy, we need a sequel.

    • Saturn

      I’ll be that other guy.
      No we don’t.

      We need a FRANCHISE……

      (I absolutely love the first Leslie Vernon movie and have waited patiently for a sequel – hopefully the wait will be worth it when it eventually happens).

      • Daniel Anderson

        Leslie Vernon in Ash vs Evil Dead cameo?

        • Saturn

          Well I did hear a rumour that Eugene was originally envisioned to have been the force in the Evil Dead woods…..

  • A lot of people seem to love this movie. I thought it was alright. But the whole thing felt a bit heavy-handed to me. I would have preferred a slightly more subtle approach.

  • Ted C


    • John Squires

      Meta: “referring to itself or to the conventions of its genre; self-referential.”

  • Glosserman better make another movie. No one cares about easter eggs of a movie that is now 10 years old.

    • Josh Blitzenbrox Myers

      I do 🙂

  • hey John Squires.
    waiting for “Benoit Balls” to come in here anytime and start insulting people are Not liking his opinion and attacking you for simply posting a fun article

    • Josh Blitzenbrox Myers

      Miserable people who aren’t having any fun in life are enraged by someone who is. He’s a bitter hater. Pity the guy, He’s obviously salty because of failing hard at life. Happy well adjusted people don’t rage like petulant children on Internet forums.

      Oh and block him. That’s what I did. Cutting off a jackasses means of attention is the ultimate way to neuter him

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