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[Photo Challenge] Does Every Town Really Have an Elm Street?

Freddy wouldn’t lie to us… would he?

The reason Wes Craven set A Nightmare on Elm Street on, well, Elm Street, is because Elm Street is an incredibly common street name. Why does that matter? The always brilliant Craven wanted pretty much everyone who watched the movie to feel that Freddy could strike their town next; after all, most people either live on or near a street with the very same name as the one Freddy calls home. It wasn’t until Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare that the franchise actually addressed this; “Every town has an Elm Street!” Freddy says, in one of the series’ most iconic moments.

But does every town truly have an Elm Street? We want YOUR help in answering that question.

What we’re curious to know is if the town YOU live in has an Elm Street in it. Of course, you could simply comment below and let us know, but what we’d really love is if you comment with a picture of the street sign, in the event that your town does indeed have an Elm Street. If it doesn’t, let us know that it doesn’t. And if you LIVE on Elm Street, extra bonus points to you!

My town? My town has an Elm Street. I even took a picture for you. Now it’s your turn!




  • Matt

    No Elm Street here. The closest we have is Elmwood Drive.

    • John Squires

      You have just made me sad. Freddy lied. =(

      • Mister B

        Maybe he was just being metaphorical.

      • Matt

        Freddy doesn’t seem to do a whole lot of traveling, so maybe he was just generalizing? Besides, I’m not sure that is honesty is one of the qualities that most supernatural serial killers possess!

  • tlyon2

    There is an Elm Street in Smith Falls Ontario, Canada. But none in North Bay or even Red Bridge for that matter but that’s more out in the country anyway!

    • WifelikePigeon

      got one in Burks Falls, ON. as well

  • Elizabeth

    There isn’t one in any of the three towns I grew up in, but they were all pretty small (less than five thousand people). I think all of the larger cities I’ve lived in have had them. At some point city planners run out of people, numbers and states for street names.

  • Rez

    There is definitely an Elm st. in Rocford, Il. and Freddy might wanna skip Rockford…

  • Twistappel

    It appears that neither Memphis TN, nor the surrounding cities have an Elm Street. We have an “Elm Avenue” an “Elmridge Street” and a whole mess of other Elm-themed names, but no actual Elm Street.

    Brisbane, Australia where I was born has one, but since it’s a 22 hr indirect flight away (Google Maps selfishly won’t calculate walking directions), I might pass on the photo.

  • EvilHead1981

    One interesting thing I found. One time I was really bored and decided to Google Earth search various Elm Streets in North America. The Elm Street of Vancouver, British Columbia looks remarkably CLOSE to Genesee Ave in north Hollywood (the street portrays Elm Street in the movies). Had they want to shoot a new Elm Street movie up there, that would be the place to do it.

  • AdamX

    There’s one here in M.F. OH. Even had an Elm Middle School for awhile.

  • Matt Miller

    I remember watching Toy story 3 and noticing that Andy lives in Elm street. I tought it could be a reference to the movie but maybe it is a common name.

  • Alex Ramos

    I live on elm street in New albany, Indiana

  • LastCubScout

    Does your town have a 1428 Elm Street?

  • Jimmy Cthulhuhan

    Grew up on one, heh.

    Doesn’t appear to be one where I live now technically speaking… but there’s one right outside of town, a sign-less dirt road.

  • Jamie Stewart Moore

    We have an Elm Street in Macon , Ga. I actually changed my drive route to and from work just so i could use it everyday.

  • Sadly we don’t, but we do have Fannystone Road.


  • DrewHamster

    There’s an Elm Street here in Goldsboro, NC. Will get a picture if I get a chance!

  • the usual suspect

    My old house was 78 elm st in brantford Ontario Canada and my back yard was a cemetery (Google map that shit, it was great) and whenever I order a pizza or something, I would say “78 elm st … you know? Like the Nightmare ” and every October, had a Halloween party called The Nightmare on Elm St with lasers ,fog machine, turntables and Drum and Bass / dark jungle music all night long (EDM/ rave music) … it truly was a nightmare for the neighbors.. bahaha

    • EvilHead1981

      Holy fuck, just Google Earthed it and that cemetery!!! This Elm Street, mixed with the Vancouver one, feel more a genuine reflection of what the original movies portrayed. I think the reboot’s depiction of Elm Street seemed off in that regards. That one seemed too “rich”, while in the original series, Elm Street basically looked like an average middle class neighborhood, which I think was the point. Only considerably wealthy people who lived on Elm Street were the Parkers and Lisa’s family. Well, and Greta, though I’m not sure all of them live on Elm Street, unless Elm Street is hella LONG (which could be possible).

      • the usual suspect

        Ya dude that cemetery was cool to live in front of and a little creepy at times… had a huge backyard cuz of it, but it was a bitch in to cut the grass lol

  • Hmm…there’s a 1428 Elm Street SW…and yes, there appears to be a SW without there being any other Elm Streets with directional qualifiers in my town. Does that count?

  • Santos L Halper

    We have Elm Road in Macclenny FL. Freddy may want to skip it though, it’s a dirt road and I think there is only one trailer home on it.

  • EvilHead1981

    To my knowledge, there’s also an Elm Street in Bakersfield, California (west from downtown Bakersfield). Kinda a more upper-middle class neighborhood that runs straight past a park and ends at warehouses.

  • D/J

    there is an Elm Street in my town in Connecticut

  • Jason Gilliss

    My town in Miramichi , New Brunswick Canada has an elm street right across from where my friends parents live i will take a picture soon.

  • highly_suspicious

    There’s an Elm St in my home town of Coffs Harbour, in northern NSW, Australia. It’s sorta scary, in a man-i’m-glad-i-don’t-live-in-this-shitty-street kinda scary.

  • marklola12 .

    we have a elm street in my town here in the UK

  • Roderick Simmons

    There’s an Elm St in Columbus Ohio

  • Tai Zadia James
  • Tai Zadia James
  • Chris Genth

    I grew up in my teenage years living on elm st in Bristol indiana. It was about the time nightmare 3 came out and I thought I was kinda a movie star. Pulse the fact I’m a huge horror fan, I also had a poster above my bed of freddy with his glove over his face. All the girlfriends I brought into my bed room though it was cool. Oh how I love those 80’s memories. Now I’m 43 and still love horror, how time flies by!


    My house is on an elm street and my neighbor looks like that cop of the first elm street movie. he has a beautiful daughter he calls NANCY and I am in love with her but she has a boyfriend who looks like johnny depp and I need Freddy’s help to get rid of him. tonight I will put him to sleep so that freddy will do his job and nancy will be free…..LOL.

  • Sykes

    Here’s an Aussie one, why not?

  • Shitty Crypt Keeper

    Not only an Elm St., but a Springwood Rd. as well!

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