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[Photo Challenge] Does Every Town Really Have an Elm Street?

Freddy wouldn’t lie to us… would he?

The reason Wes Craven set A Nightmare on Elm Street on, well, Elm Street, is because Elm Street is an incredibly common street name. Why does that matter? The always brilliant Craven wanted pretty much everyone who watched the movie to feel that Freddy could strike their town next; after all, most people either live on or near a street with the very same name as the one Freddy calls home. It wasn’t until Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare that the franchise actually addressed this; “Every town has an Elm Street!” Freddy says, in one of the series’ most iconic moments.

But does every town truly have an Elm Street? We want YOUR help in answering that question.

What we’re curious to know is if the town YOU live in has an Elm Street in it. Of course, you could simply comment below and let us know, but what we’d really love is if you comment with a picture of the street sign, in the event that your town does indeed have an Elm Street. If it doesn’t, let us know that it doesn’t. And if you LIVE on Elm Street, extra bonus points to you!

My town? My town has an Elm Street. I even took a picture for you. Now it’s your turn!





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