Newly Named ‘The Lecter Variation’ Begins Casting

Originally titled ‘Behind the Mask,’ the prequel to Red Dragon and the fourth ‘Silence of the Lambs’ film The Lecter Variation has finally begun casting for a shoot this May. “It is a revenge story that shows why he became a cannibal,” said Producer Dino De Laurentiis. “But he kills people that audiences want to see killed. So while there is a natural revulsion, the sympathy toward Hannibal remains.” Read on for the full casting news and more details from Thomas Harris’ fourth book being adapted to the big screen…
Moviehole writes:

Actress Gong Li has been cast in the “Red Dragon” prequel “The Lecter Variation”, which takes a snapshot of flesh-wearing Hannibal the Canniabl in his younger years.

Li, soon to be seen in “Memoirs of a Geisha”, was handpicked by Director Peter Webber to star in the film.

The roles of Hannibal – at various ages – and his sister Mischa Lecter are currently being cast.

It’s believed Anthony Hopkins is in talks to either narrate or make an appearance – as the older ‘Hannibal’ – in the flick.

“Variation”, which will centre on Lecter’s childhood in Lithuania through a period in Paris to his arrival in the US, will be produced by Dino De Laurentiis, and starts filming in May.

Source: Moviehole