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[Vintage Video] Check Out Rare Footage from 1989 ‘Child’s Play’ VHS Screener

I’m the king of horror. That guy Freddy? He has nightmares about me!

A new horror icon was born in 1988 when pint-sized killer doll Chucky debuted on the scene in Child’s Play. The Don Mancini-created, Tom Holland-directed film was made on a budget of just $9 million and raked in an impressive $44 million at the worldwide box office, ensuring that Chucky would be the star of his very own franchise for many years to come. And of course that ended up being the case; the seventh installment, Cult of Chucky, is headed our way later this year.

In celebration of the news that Cult of Chucky will begin filming this coming Monday, we wanted to share with you a vintage treat that you’ve probably never seen. Back in the VHS era, it was common for studios to send VHS screeners of their new releases to video shops across the country, and those tapes often included promotional videos that encouraged shop owners to stock their shelves with those movies. In 1989, MGM sent out screener tapes of Child’s Play, and they went above and beyond in putting together a video that would compel store owners to action.

The 6-minute video, which recently popped up on YouTube, features Brad Dourif voicing Chucky, and in it the lovable doll brags about the financial success and rave reviews of his first movie; he even takes shots at both Freddy and Jason, showing he’s got balls of steel. The video also includes clips from the film and a music video that features an original song about the movie.

Yes. A Child’s Play song. You’ve gotta love the ’80s.

Check out the rare VHS screener footage below!




  • John Connor

    To all the people that bitch about Bride and Seed going into awesome dark humor territory, go fuck yourselves.
    Chucky was parodying himself before the sequel happened.

    • Jason Scarpelli

      People have their own opinions, no need to sound like a 15 year old. Though you might be one I don’t know.

      • John Connor

        Don’t be an ageist asshole.

        • Jason Scarpelli

          Okay. Then you’re just sounding moronic. No age mentioned.

    • There’s such thing as “too much of a good thing”.

      Chucky killing a teacher with a ruler was funny. “Don’t fuck with the Chuck” in 3 was funny as hell. Seed wasn’t even funny.

  • Jason Scarpelli

    I would call that a VHS ‘promo’ screener. Denoting something as a screener references it to be a screener for the Academy. Which it isn’t

    • Nick

      Really? Couldn’t just enjoy or dislike the article had to sound pompous? Have an opinion that’s fine nothing wrong with not liking it but what you stated isn’t an opinion it’s like a smart a** kid who corrects everything you say to feel smarter than they actually are

      • Jason Scarpelli

        It’s just an observation. Don’t get your panties in a bunch.

    • Not really. I worked at video stores for years, even back in the VHS days, and the tapes we got like this were simply called ‘screeners.’ It’s a pretty generic term, and screeners are used for more things than just the Academy.

      • Jason Scarpelli

        True. Though I just think they should have been named VHS screeners to differentiate the two just in case.

  • Just $89.95!

  • Edward Carney

    I’m quite certain that’s not Brad Dourif. It’s pretty standard for studios to use less expensive voice actors to impersonate the original for promotional materials, and this one strikes me as noticeably different from the original.

    But on another note, I’ve heard that song on Halloween radio stations, and I love it. I’m guessing it wasn’t made solely for this screener, and I’d be interested to know more about it.

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