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Adorable Video from Japan Shows Little Kids Well Prepared for Zombie Apocalypse

You’re never too young to save the world.

When I was a kid, I wasn’t doing all that much that could be considered productive, but three little kids over in Japan are spending their childhoods in a way that very well might ensure the future of humanity: they’re preparing for the zombie apocalypse, of course. In a hilarious video uploaded by Funny Japan, a Japanese talk show receives a letter from a mother who writes that her three young kids (5, 6 & 8) love horror films and can’t stop acting out their zombie invasion survival skills… so the show sends a reporter to interview the kids and see how well they’d truly fare.

In the first half of the video, the adorable kids explain how they’d use household items like Tabasco sauce, eggs, and wet sponges to fend off undead home invaders (they’ve clearly been watching Home Alone), and in the second half their skills are put to the test when a mock zombie apocalypse breaks out. The whole neighborhood gets in on the prank, and a “zombie” is then let loose in the home. As expected, the kids are less confident once they’re actually face-to-face with a zombie, but one little badass steps up to fight back in heroic (and hilarious) fashion.





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