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Hugh Dancy Talks When to Expect Possible New Season of “Hannibal”

All hope is not yet lost, Fannibals.

When NBC cancelled “Hannibal” back in 2015, we couldn’t exactly say we were surprised. The ratings had been steadily declining for some time, so you could say the writing was on the walls long before the plug was pulled. Why didn’t the series find a sizeable enough audience to hang in there? If you’re asking me, the show was just too damn smart for the TV watchers of today, who would rather watch the Kardashian sisters go shopping than invest in an intelligent, compelling series like “Hannibal.” It was too good for this world. There’s really no other way of looking at it.

But the silver lining here, as we told you last month, is that series creator Bryan Fuller still hopes to bring Will and Hannibal back for more small screen brutality. The fourth season of “Hannibal” was going to be based on the iconic Silence of the Lambs story, and Fuller remains hopeful that he’ll be able to bring the show back in some capacity so that the story can be told.

Speaking with TV Line, actor Hugh Dancy just expressed the same level of interest in returning to that world; but if a revival does even happen, he thinks we’ve got a long wait ahead of us.

Dancy told the site:

My feeling is that, knock on wood, if it came around again, it wouldn’t be a bad thing for it to be four or five years later. That might actually be kind of interesting. How weird would that be, on a personal level, to find yourself back with those people? ‘So… where did we leave off?’

It’s such a strange idea, but it’s potentially very healthy for a story like that. So we’ll see.

Will Graham doesn’t really play a role in Silence of the Lambs, but Dancy says that Fuller’s version of the story would be reworked “through the Will-Hannibal relationship.”

Please? Pretty please?

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  • dopepope

    That show had some of the best gore effects ever, and demonstrated some serious twisted creativity. I was a fan.

  • AlsDisciple

    While I’d be the first in line for any new content, I loved the story they told and I’m perfectly happy leaving it as-is and letting it stay cancelled.

    • Weresmurf

      The story wasn’t finished though and was cut short, they even admitted as such?

    • H666

      i totally agree – it had a solid (and pretty definitive) end. i loved Hannibal but not sure i’d enjoy the convoluted plot they’d need to run with to bring everyone back

  • Colin Christian

    Hannibal was the best show since The X-Files and Star Trek before that. I’m a fannibal,I think it’s one of the greatest shows ever made,genius level art.

  • Weresmurf

    I’d love to see Silence reworked to include Will and Clarice Starling to be honest, a reimagining for TV, with Will watching Clarices slow seduction by Hannibal to some degree, knowing what’s happening. Perhaps him in the Jack role? I think there’s a multitude of possibilities there rather than just writing him off as the disastrous alcoholic loser the books did.

    • J Jett

      Weresmurf, i agree! having it be both Will AND Clarice would be perfect!

      • Miha Trochael

        They both will be there! 😉 Will just has to be 😀 And Bryand said before that he wants to work with Clarice character…

  • Evan3

    I love(d) this show, but I would really enjoy seeing them jump into Clarice rather than staying focused on Clarice. They really landed the ending with Will’s character, and Hannibal deserves (pun intended) fresh meat. That said, if they bring anybody back, I hope it is Dr. Chilton. How much more can he live through?

    • F. This

      It would give both Chilton and Hannibal the right motives for revenge so when he has “an old friend for dinner” it will be even more tasty, pun intended.

  • I want more Hannibal and Constantine more then anything… 🙁

    • Evan3

      What a crossover that would be!

  • F. This

    Hannibal was the best TV series I’ve ever seen, and I’m not being hyperbolic. It’s not number one in my heart, The Simpson’s has too long of an emotional attachment but Hannibal is a close second. I would pay good money to see this possibility come true.

  • Miha Trochael

    Can I just say that I love your article much more than the original one from TVLine? <3 Thank you and be prepared for August – we definitely should get some great news! 🙂

  • luna13darke

    I could not agree more about Hannibal being too intelligent for the average tv viewer. People who appreciate quality series that make you think always get the shaft. Stupid, double digit IQ, knuckle draggers…harsh yes. Honest…hell yes.

  • Please please please let this be a thing. We need more Hannibal, despite the low IQ base of general viewership.

  • Chris Welch

    This was an awesome show… I truly wish all network TV was like this one. I hope to H it comes back. Hey Kardashians… you s u c k.

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