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Is Daft Punk About to Announce Their ALIVE 2017 Tour?

It’s been rumored for months but it looks as if Daft Punk is about to finally embark on their Alive Tour.

A viral video was discovered by a reddit user last night, which teases a countdown to the 20th anniversary of Homework.

The title of said video? ALIVE 2017. And it ends with the Daft Punk logo. The numbers under the video, according to reddit users, are locations for the tour (unconfirmed locations here).

While the video has yet to be confirmed, an announcement is imminent. A Daft Punk tour is one of the most anticipated in years. The band last played live at the Grammy Awards in 2014. Prior to that? Their world tour in 2006! For fans of Daft Punk, this news could cause heads to explode.

2016 was kind to Daft Punk. The duo finally had their first ever no. 1 single, thanks to The Weeknd. They appear on Starboy‘s final track, “I Feel it Coming”, as well as the album’s title track.



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