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These Horror Movie Pop-Tarts Need to Become a Real Thing Right Now

Put your favorite horror icons inside the toaster!

The Kellogg Company has gotten pretty creative with their Pop-Tarts in recent years, releasing all sorts of limited edition flavors that have sent easily-amused folks like myself running to the grocery store. Just the other day I saw a commercial for toaster pastries inspired by popular Dunkin Donuts beverage, so it seems that all bets are totally off at this point in time.

So why not make movie-themed Tarts, Kellogg’s?!

Newt Clements, the artist behind those horror movie Happy Meals that have been a viral hit for literally forever now, is back with a brand new line of faux horror food products, and this time he’s turned his attention to imagining a world wherein Kellogg’s decides to basically sabotage their own company and make a line of Pop-Tarts based on horror movies like Hellraiser, Friday the 13th, The Evil Dead, and Saw. Could you imagine the outrage? Oh boy would that be fun.

What would those horror movie Pop-Tarts look like? Get ready to get real hungry!




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