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A24 Just Dropped a Mysterious Trailer for ‘Untitled’ Science Fiction Movie

Question life. Live beyond.

Distribution company A24 has been killing it with their releases to such an extent that I recently came across an entire list of the best movies of 2016… released by A24. Films like Spring Breakers, Ex Machina, The Witch, Green Room, Swiss Army Man, and Moonlight have established A24 as a brand to be respected by literally everyone, and they continue to be one of the most interesting companies on the scene with a mysterious trailer that just dropped today.

The mystery movie is either titled Untitled or they just plain don’t want us to know the title at this moment in time, and honestly, we have no idea what to make of it. The trailer, which runs one-minute long, features a series of images with cryptic phrases like “beyond reality,” bear witness,” and “question life” over top of them, and all we’re really able to ascertain is that we’re definitely watching the trailer for a future-set science fiction film. Oddly enough, however, A24 doesn’t appear to have any sci-fi films on their current slate that correspond with this trailer.

While some are speculating that this is actually some sort of Ex Machina sequel, most don’t even seem to care. They’re sold already. Because it’s A24. And A24 is a mark of quality.

Us? We love mysterious trailers. And they don’t get much more mysterious than this…



  • nowaygetreal

    It’s set 60 years in the future. That already has me sold. Hopefully this is something releasing soon/this year and not something way out.

  • BloodyDisgusted

    I have no fucking clue what this is, but I like it!

  • Richter Belmont

    Sooo … it’s about an Asian baby slowly transforming into a skinny white boy fapping in bed?

  • OctoberLIBRA

    It’s about a gay boy possessed by an alien and he tries to take over the world

  • GinsuVictim

    Did nothing for me….but it looked pretty.

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