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“Nothing Happens” in This Hilarious Parody Trailer



I’m crying right now even though the following trailer totally pokes fun at the genre I love most. Let’s be honest, though, it’s not perfect.

Horror isn’t just about having gore or the next boogeyman, it’s about the filmmaking, including sound design and score. Turn off the sound and nothing is scary (except spiders, of course).

This parody trailer sort of focuses on the trickery of some horror films, using beautiful cinematography and scary music to sell it’s fear. It’s called “Nothing Happens” because, well, nothing does. It takes jabs at films like It Follows and filmmakers like Ti West (The Inkeepers, House of the Devil) and Eli Roth, but appears to come from a loving place.

“It pays tribute to the ultra slow burn, leisurely paced and highly atmospheric horror movies that we love best,” says Melissa Pleckham. “I hope it gives you a chuckle.”

This trailer is the brainchild of Pleckham and Ken Ramos, whose credits include Showtime’s forthcoming “Twin Peaks” reboot and “American Horror Story: Roanoke”.