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[Video] Creepy ‘Blair Witch Project’ Fan Theory Totally Changes the Movie

You really don’t see ANYTHING in the movie. So what really happened?

Fan theories, if nothing more, provide you with a fresh set of eyeballs to watch a favorite movie with, and for that reason, I can’t help but love them. This one, from the folks over on YouTube channel The Film Theorists, puts a highly interesting and incredibly disturbing spin on The Blair Witch Project, suggesting that maybe, just maybe, there was never a Blair Witch at all.

The theory, outlined in an in-depth 17-minute video, points to several strong pieces of evidence that back up the interpretation that Mike and Josh led Heather out into the woods of Burkittsville, Maryland to… kill her. According to the theory, there was nothing supernatural going on in those woods, but rather everything strange that happened was carefully planned by the two killers.

Of course, last year’s sequel Blair Witch showed us that there DEFINITELY is some kind of creature out there (whether or not it’s the titular Blair Witch is up for debate), but watching The Blair Witch Project as its own movie, this theory unquestionably has legs. And again, if nothing more, it gives you a fun (and super unsettling) new way to watch the 1999 found footage classic.

Check out the fascinating theory video below.



  • Frank Lloyd Jr


  • nowaygetreal

    Nah. It’s interesting to spin it that way, but when the creators specifically say that the witch was supposed to be in the film but they were too dumb to capture the image tells me this is a bunk theory.

  • Munchie


  • sliceanddice

    this is pretty old as far as I’m aware and totally refuted by both sequels.

    • Saturn

      Indeed, I can remember people theorising that the 2 guys were really the killers back when the film was originally released.
      Like a bucket without a bottom, it doesn’t really hold much water.

  • WillRogers2000
    • Yeuthanize

      that was a good link, good read, ty my guy

  • Df

    More fan theory shit? God damn you suck. Stop posting stuff.

  • Satanzilla

    It’s an interesting theory, especially if you discount the sequels, which I really prefer to do! But in the end I don’t think it holds water. The guys’ reactions are too genuinely terrified and there are several undeniable attacks on the tent when everyone is inside it.

  • Weresmurf

    But… is theory a gamechanger?

  • Hash-Slinging Slasher

    This is what happens when somebody has way too much time on their hands and needs to come up with something controversial to generate youtube revenue.

  • THGrimm

    I saw this video before and thought it was fun! People can’t just entertain ideas and possibilities realizing they’re just that.

  • c-s-a78

    never thought of it that way…interesting!

  • Great video and interesting theory. The “I kicked the map in the creek.” stuff always made me question that jackass, even when I first saw it. I just never questioned it so much that I looked for another obvious answer. I always just chalked it up to the fact that they were all going hungry, which will make you do some weird shit. I think there is validity to this ‘murder plot’ claim.

    All great art is similar to one of those 3-D art pictures where you see one thing until you unfocus your eyes, then a whole other picture will emerge. That’s the way movies like ‘The Thing’, ‘Blade Runner’, and ‘Shutter Island’ are. They have an exoteric meaning, that being the meaning that you get from seeing the surface. Then there is a deeper esoteric meaning than can only be understood when you look beneath the surface face value.

    ‘The Thing’ is a great example, a movie that is only fully understood 30 years after the fact. The recent revelations about the final scene make pretty clear that CHILDS WAS AN ALIEN. I never knew that, I never even questioned it. I just thought the end was showing 2 people who had just saved humanity waiting to die. Well, think again. ‘Blade Runner’ is another great movie within a movie. Did you ever question whether Deckard was himself A REPLICANT?? You should. ‘Shutter Island’ is one movie the first time you watch it, then a completely different movie the SECOND time you watch it. That is great art.

    ‘The Blair Witch Project’ has stood the test of time because it scared people senseless without ever showing anything supernatural. It showed how easily your senses can be fooled by fear and how unreliable rational people can be when put into an irrational situation. This new video ‘theory’ about this being a murder makes sense. It actually makes the movie make MORE sense when I think about scenes like the “I kicked the map in the creek.” scene. COOL VIDEO. 🙂

  • Megyn James

    I find this theory to be more true then what happens in the movie. And I also find this theory to be mostly what the film makers where trying to make too. My theory on to why I think the film makers made a movie about two killers not a witch is cause this got this idea for the movie from The Last Broadcast. Its been well know and written that the directors saw a screening of the movie the Last Broadcast about a video tape found that had footage about a group of people going into the woods to find the jersey devil. Which makes me believe that the “Blair witch” directors made a movie about two killers is (SPOILER) at the end of the Last Broadcast you find out that the guy making the film about the “jesry devil” footage is actual killed all those people in the woods. There was no”dark ghost” or “jersey Devil” it was a man killing people and he brought their cameras back with me. So I think the blair witch guys took that idea to make two guys kill a woman, make it be the blair witch and you are to like the video says, believe that not only did three people get killed but that someone found that footage, were most likey the to guys killed the girl and disappeared to get away with murder. to me if that is truthfully what the directors wanted, then i like the movie. If its not and they want you to think it was a witch then I still hate this film and think its a Last Broadcast rip off!!!

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