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Want to Write for Bloody Disgusting? We’re Looking for Contributors!

We’re gonna need a bigger boat.

Bloody Disgusting is looking to expand in 2017 and we’re hoping you can help. We’re looking for talented writers to contribute original content to Bloody Disgusting. This is a paid opportunity, and your content will be featured on where we reach almost 2 million horror fans each month.  If you love horror as much as we do and love writing about it even more, use the form below to apply to join the BD family.

Please note that we have received many applications and will reach out to you if we believe your content will be a good fit for our audience.



  • Khy

    Maybe someone who actually graduated junior high will be chosen!

  • nowaygetreal

    If I had some previous content to provide, I’d apply in a heart beat. There’s no doubt in my mind I could increase the quality of this site.

    • Challenge accepted.

    • chancellor

      I hope we get to see what you have to offer, nowaygetreal – you sound confident and new perspectives are always great.

      I am in a similar situation where I have no previous blog or review site content to provide, but I have been told that I have strong writing skills since grade school and I am always watching/reading horror. It is a genre that is very dear to me and something I think about all the time, which is why I’ve been coming here for years so I miss out on as little horror as possible.

      I’d love for the opportunity to share my thoughts on the genre and specific titles, so if you are considering giving people like nowaygetreal and myself a kind of test submission or something I’d be grateful for the opportunity.

      Either way, best of luck to nowaygetreal and the community as a whole. Cheers!

  • Creepshow

    Comment contributor Zachary Paul gets my vote. Give the lad a chance!

    • Lol. Thanks, sir.

      • Creepshow

        To loosely quote Winston from Ghostbusters…
        “You’ve got the tools, and you’ve got the talent!”

        • Well, my submission has been entered. Thanks for the vote of confidence.

          • Creepshow

            To quote Mr. Miyagi…


            Whether it’s here or somewhere else, you have the knack and the passion for it. Best of luck bud!

          • Khy

            You’re our only hope!


          • Haha. I think the rebellion will do just fine without me, but…it would certainly be like 29.9% less rebellious. 🙂

    • J Jett

      i agree, Creepshow. Zach Paul gets my vote!

  • huntermc

    Oooh, could I do like every other site and just come up with endless top ten lists I pulled out of my ass?

  • Time to set up some links to some OG comments of mine (that’s all I got)!

    But for real, I think an article like once a month or something where you ask for commenters to write and send in 200-300 word reviews (mini-reviews, yes) of certain movies. And select to ‘best written’ to be published to an article. Obviously for free and you list like 4-6 entries. An easy way to get some feedback and contributors! And would be fun for us as well!

    • J Jett

      Borgman i agree that would be fun!

  • DarkBree

    I would love to write for the site, but I don’t have any content and english is not my first language.

    • Munchie

      You’re a shoe-in!

  • Graham

    Is there a way to submit writing samples that haven’t been published online?

    • Not right now, sorry. There are a ton of free blogging platforms out there though if you want to put something up. Tumblr is a good one.

      • Graham

        Ok, thanks!

  • Brian McNatt

    Could you define “original content”?

    • Sure. We’re looking for non news pieces that haven’t already been posted online somewhere else. Lists, think pieces, retrospectives, that kind of stuff.

      • Paul Robinson

        Assuming that means, not online on another like minded website, but personal platforms are ok?

        • No, we really want content written for BD that would only be posted on BD.

      • I know I’m a little late to the party but are lists, think pieces and retrospectives the extent of it? One wouldn’t have to review movies or things like that? I don’t get to the theater often enough for that kind of thing. Also, I assume location is not a factor?

  • sliceanddice

    It will be interesting to see what comes of this. Hopefully something on a par with Trace or the recently departed Johnathan.

  • James Allard

    Sure! Why not? I mean, one can bemoan and wail, but it is much more fun to participate.

  • I’ve applied. I love horror and write for anyway – a site all about Zombies. Really hope I get this position.

  • Sykes

    I’d love to apply, but I’ve barely written anything of worth in my whole life. Could I submit some old Lianne Spiderbaby material instead and label it as my own?

  • Halloween_Vic

    I would love to apply considering the passion and love I have for horror, sadly I don’t have any blogs or links to provide any content I’ve written. Is there any possible way we can write a piece and submit that to you as consideration? I would love to have this opportunity.

    • I’d suggest posting something on a free blogging platform, Tumblr is a good option.

  • Thanks to everyone who filled out the form, seriously the responses and comments are all so amazing to see. We have A LOT of submissions to wade through and will start reaching out to people this week but it’ll be a lengthy process, so thank you for your patience while we go through the list.

    • Groovy.

    • John Christopher Noonan

      Excellent! Hope to hear from you soon!

  • Mark Doubt

    I hope I didn’t miss the boat on having my submission considered? I didn’t see a cut off date, but the featured comment suggests there may have been one?

    I hope you get a chance to consider my submission. If not, I look forward to reading the work of whichever writers are successful!

  • Jon Wamsley

    hoping since I haven’t heard anything yet, that you’re still going through submissions…

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