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Download the New BD App… Win an Xbox One Prize Pack!

We’re super excited to be launching a new Bloody Disgusting app today, so much so that we’re giving away a huge prize pack to celebrate. The new app features all of our normal news, reviews and articles along with videos, podcasts, and a new horror community baked right in. Fill out your profile and find horror fans from around the globe to chat with! Look for all sorts of awesome integrations coming soon. All you have to do is download the app to your mobile device and you’re entered in the contest.

Here’s what you can win…

  • Xbox One S 500GB – Battlefield 1 Bundle
  • Fallout 4 for Xbox One
  • Bloody Disgusting T-Shirt and Stickers

Bloody Disgusting Xbox One Giveaway

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  • gene wells

    yahOooOOoOo!!! done!

  • Okay, this is pretty neat.

    • Thanks!

      • Thank YOU, an app’s gonna make it so much easier to browse the site while I avoid being productive.

        • horror > responsibility, always

          • Actually, while everyone else is complaining, I also never got any sort of confirmation e-mail.

          • You can email us at and we’ll make sure you’re entered. Did the form tell you that you have successfully entered the contest? After downloading it’ll ask you for your name and email.

  • Scott

    Nice app BD!

  • Harley Mitchel Dirk

    I’m glad to have the app downloaded now, but I’m not sure if I’m entered in the contest.

    • Corey Doyle

      Agreed, can’t really tell whether it registered or not.

  • Corey Doyle

    Horror on the go!

  • DD-Indeed

    Ironic. You can win Microsoft stuff in the completition, but there’s no app for Windows.

  • Yessss! Stoked for this.

  • cduns

    App looks great so far. Do we receive an email to confirm we’re entered into the contest? And how will winners be notified?

    Im pulling for at leastt a sticker

    • You should get an email after entering, and we’ll contact the winner via email as well.

  • huntermc

    Awesome, something else to do while I’m on the toilet!

  • the usual suspect

    How come I can’t log into my disqus account on the app to make comments ???.. I still can through my browser but not the app??? I go to the log in with Disqus, but the icon just spins and the does nothing… help please

  • zombie84_41


  • private snafu

    app looks nice!

    now where’s my price?

  • Countess1002

    Enjoying the app!

  • DarkBree



    The app is cool. How come I can’t post through my profile and still have to go through Gmail/Discus?

  • Thank you BD! I have been wanting this since i joined:)

  • Probably being really stupid but I’ve downloaded the app on iOS and the contest won’t accept that I’ve downloaded it. Also can’t seem to log in… using my Discus settings that I always use but it won’t accept them. Do I need to register a new account or something?

  • Glitchiee Glitch

    ……. contest or not id have downloaded it anyway!! “grabs phone” ! woo!

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