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Bill Moseley and Phil Anselmo Just Released a Collaborative Album; Stream Now!



Well this was totally unexpected!

One is a horror movie icon. The other is a heavy metal legend. A new side project from both Bill Moseley and Phil Anselmo has formed the band Bill + Phil, and they’ve just released their debut EP, Songs of Darkness and Despair. Yes, Bill Moseley and Phil Anselmo have joined forces for a collaborative music project that you can listen to RIGHT NOW, and we figured you’d like to know.

The six-track album, available through Anselmo’s Housecore Store tomorrow but now up for instant streaming in advance of the physical release, was produced and performed by Anselmo, and believe it or not, it’s Bill Moseley who contributed all the lyrics. On some tracks he sings while others come off more like spoken word, and we must say: Moseley’s got a damn good voice!

Well, I guess we always knew that. After all, Moseley has dabbled in the past with experimental band Cornbugs, which saw he and guitarist Buckethead release five albums between ’99 and ’07.

Anselmo explained the unique collaboration to Blabber Mouth:

Working with Mr. Moseley was an awesome experience! Bill brought the lyrics and Stephen [Berrigan] and I just improvised directly on the spot, and squeezed out six tunes in three days. All the songs have a different vibe because I wanted the music to represent Bill’s lyrical vision(s), and we needed to, because Bill does indeed have a unique, visual element within his choice of words and phrasing. I love Bill Moseley, and can’t wait to work on the next one! Be cool and enjoy this one!

Listen to Songs of Darkness and Despair below!



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