NECA Brings Pamela Voorhees Back to Life!

NECA is on fire and has one of the best upcoming year for horror toys I’ve ever seen! Not only do they have a Donnie Darko figure, Tallman, a Crow action base and tons of 18 inch monsters- they’ve got a special box set coming for Friday the 13th! Depicting two ruthless killers from the first pair of Friday The 13th films, NECA/Reel Toys will be releasing the Jason and Pamela Voorhees action figure boxed set. Featuring an awesome diorama base, Pamela from the first “Friday” and Jason from the second “Friday” can be posed on the bases together, joined by the shrine to Pamela, or separated on their own scenery. Look for the Friday the 13th Anniversary Boxed Set to hit stores this September. Read on for images!

Check out a full color pic of Jason with the sack over his head at NECA:

Source: NECA