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The Big Reveal in ‘Split’ Was Brilliantly Teased By the Poster

Spoiler alert. Spoiler alert. Spoiler alert. Spoiler alert.

Whether you want to call it a “twist” or simply a “reveal,” you can’t deny that it was pretty cool when M. Night Shyamalan’s Split, currently dominating the box office, turned out to be a film set in the same universe as 2000’s Unbreakable. We thought it was a horror film but it was actually more of a super-villain origin story, with hero David Dunn (Bruce Willis) popping up at the end to let us know that Shyamalan had once again pulled a fast one on us. And given how well the film is doing in theaters, we can be pretty sure that Unbreakable 2 isn’t very far behind.

That big reveal? Turns out Shyamalan teased it several months ago.

As we spotted on Reddit, the poster for Split foreshadowed the film’s connection to Unbreakable long before any of us had any idea what Shyamalan was up to. The posters for both films feature a similar “broken glass” effect, and when you put the two side-by-side, the cracks line up perfectly in several spots. It’s pretty damn cool, and you can check out the side-by-side art below.

On a related note…

Writer Scott Wampler just wrote up a Split fan theory over on Birth. Movies. Death. that we wanted to bring to your attention. I’d rather you navigate over to the site and read the article for yourself than spoil all the fun right here, but for the sake of providing a little teaser, Wampler’s theory suggests that Split and Unbreakable have more in common than you may think.

Mind. Blown.




  • Richter Belmont

    It’s amazing how this site is going out of their way to spoil this film.

    • Jason Scarpelli

      Especially since there’s a “Spoiler Alert” notice lol

      • John Squires

        Four of them. In bold. Before the article.

    • Tryst V. Umbra

      Do you know anything about what occurs during the bulk of the film? Because it’s certainty not about the end credits sequel teasing.

    • LoveAnimation

      If people dont want spoilers they should avoid reading about it until they watch it.

    • zombie84_41

      LOL thats why they post spoilers. A duhh!!!

  • The_Gentleman

    “Mind. Blown.” Grow up, man. You say that at least once a week. Are you 10?

    • Jason Scarpelli

      What does being 10 have to do with the words “mind blown”?

      • Ravinus

        He meant 6.

        • Jason Scarpelli

          6 year olds dont know the meaning of mind blown

      • NeXus

        Well as we all know Jason, all you have to do to rob anyone of integrity, is claim that they are prepubescent.
        I mean *obviously*

      • zombie84_41

        right. I never heard a 10 yo say this at all. Have you ?

        • Jason Scarpelli

          No lol

          • zombie84_41

            Precisely. He must be on drugs. Happens.

    • Andrew Lyall

      Remember, this is the guy that stated that, for him, there’s nothing more fascinating then the Cloverfield universe. John’s Hyperbole Drive is stuck at maximum 24/7.

      • John Squires

        I’m an excited fan who loves this stuff. Sorry. Will tone it down.

        • Andrew Lyall

          Do as you will x

        • zombie84_41

          My mind was blown too. I don’t think anyone paids attention to trolls anymore these days. Do they ?

    • CynicalOpt1mist

      You really ought to keep the judgemental assholery on 4chan my dude.

  • Brandon MisterJuicy Alexander

    the only thing i DIDNT like was the last scene/reveal.
    it felt tacked on and hokey.

    this was a powerful enough film to stand on it’s own.

    • Jimmy Cthulhuhan

      I love the concept, but the way it was done definitely came off pretty corny. The dialog in particular was just… ugh. Should’ve made it more subtle I think, just a camera pan to him looking up at the news or somethin, I dunno.

      • Brandon MisterJuicy Alexander

        yes. it was very “on the nose”.
        he could have just been reading a newspaper article on “the horde”, and panned down to his face or something.

    • zombie84_41

      I disagree the film was pretty meh, but that last twist made the whole movie even better and makes complete sense. I do feel though the dialog was weak with that girl. That could of been better. But as soon as they showed Bruce i was like to my friend that was fuckin awesome its unbreakable. So now since M. Night set up this whole world I hope he improves on it and makes his own awesome superhero flicks. I feel like he can do a pretty damn good job.

    • Radb707

      Seriously, the acting was amazing enough on its own. I wasn’t even concerned about twists or turns in the story. McAvoy did an amazing job. I did like the last scene though. I’m just happy Bruce Willis came back.

    • Well, yes so many years after this twist came out of nowhere. But on the other hand it did made me look at the film differently and for me it instantly made everything real meta in a good way.

  • Ravinus

    the cracks line up, huh? okay. whatever you say.

    • zombie84_41

      LOL there pretty off to me. LOL.

  • I thought it was ok. Not scary enough and there were not many twists or turns. McVoy dominated with a towering performance.

    • zombie84_41

      Thats because Mcvoy is a damn good actor.

  • Nahuel Benvenuto

    watch out the spoilers you amateur turd

  • zombie84_41

    Ya I just came home from seeing it and that fucking twist was amazing. Made the whole movie so much better. If they didn’t put that twist, it would of been a pretty meh movie. But the twist added to it. And the whole time I was thinking too was like how this was like M. Night’s version of X-men. And I now that we got proof this is set in the same world as unbreakable. I’m happy to see what M.Night does next he can take this to so many awesome levels. I hope that he add’s James character and makes him stronger and crazier looking with these insane powers.

  • Biscoito18

    I love this movie. Second best from Shyamalan for me. The reveal in the end was just the icing on the cake.

  • Bloodspatta

    I thought it was OK. Never seen Unbreakable so the twist went straight over my head

  • Arch Stanton

    Twist this and plot that.
    Still have no reason to step foot into a movie theater when it is $16 bucks and harassment for assigned seating and threatened by police if you even look at your cell phone.

    I went to the movies all the time when I was a kid and had extra money so they ruined it all by themselves.

    That said, I’ll wait till it appears on the Web and capture it with my DVR for later viewing then delete it.

    Trust me, no one cares about keeping collections anymore.

    Video Tapes and DVD collections are a thing of the past when you can watch it on Netflix.

    Same as Paid Cable with HBO and nothing to watch.
    Stream what you want on demand, no commercials, no interruptions.

    Hollywood is dead.

    • Radb707

      Well, someone’s salty. I go on tuesdays when the tickets are 5 bucks and a drink is 2. I don’t get harassed and I don’t look at my cell phone during the movie because I’m not an asshole. And I DO keep a dvd, bluray, digital movie collection.

    • Munchie

      you kind of sound like an idiot but your username shows you have great taste, so I have conflicting feelings here…

    • Nope, real film lovers still care about collections. But yes maybe the way we collect has changed somewhat. Although I do prefer to have real discs if only for the best quality and saving up hard drive space.

      As for cinema costs, I agree. Tickets have become far too expensive especially if you are not certain that the movie you are going to will be any good. In Yesteryear that was more or less guaranteed now it has become something like Russian roulette

      I wished Hollywood was dead so that it could be resurrected and start making good quality films again. But we could make that happen by not going to cinema’s any more. .

    • DoctorT

      Wait…did you just openly admit to pirating movies on the web? If so, that’s not cool. If you’re not willing to pay for films be it on VOD (For usually $7), at the cinema (which, understandably is expensive, but what I do is be picky…I saw Split because I wanted to see it right then but something like a Marvel film? I’ll wait), on Blu Ray (and with thriving companies like Severin and Scream Factory does show that collectors are not a thing of the past), but if we don’t pay in some form for the film then we won’t get more quality films. But just personal opinion though!

    • Sense

      So your superhero power is cheapness

      • Arch Stanton

        Wolverine looks just as good on my 80 inch 4K than it does in the theaters.
        I can also sit and eat barbecue in my recliner.

        Ohhh, big deal…I don’t get to watch it first day.

        • CynicalOpt1mist

          Is your 100% subjective whining supposed to make the experience any less worthwhile to anyone else?

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