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Second Season of Original “Unsolved Mysteries” Just Hit Amazon Streaming

God bless you, Amazon. God. Bless. You.

Today, the second season of the original “Unsolved Mysteries” was put up for streaming through Amazon, and best of all, it’s FREE to watch if you’re a Prime member. Because Amazon loves you. At this time, 43 episodes of the Robert Stack-hosted show from the late ’80s can be watched at your convenience, and from what we understand, even more are coming soon.

The second season wave of “Unsolved Mysteries” includes segments such as “Ghost Lights,” “Molester Cop,” “Christmas Party Murder,” “Suicide Homicide,” and “Voice from the Grave.”

Episodes from the Dennis Farina-hosted revival of “Unsolved Mysteries” that aired on Spike TV from 2008 to 2010 are also available for streaming, with more on the way.

The series used re-enactments and interviews to retell the circumstances of, well, mysteries that are unsolved. Covering crimes, tales of lost love, unexplained history and paranormal events.

Start watching “Unsolved Mysteries” right now!




  • Grimphantom

    Do wish they show it other streams aside of Amazon like Netflix

  • D. Maki

    Ugh everytime I see these news stories it just irritates me more and more! WHY for the love of GOD would you put it on Amazon?????!!!

  • Aaron Johnson

    I love it. Just as creepy as I remember. Get Amazon Prime and binge like me.

  • John Piccolo

    I watched one episode and the quality was really crappy. but i will watch because i loved the show.. Only the Robert Stack episodes.. not those silly Dennis Farina remakes

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