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A Violent “Castlevania” TV Series is Headed to Netflix This Year

Does Netflix ever stop being awesome? Even for a second?

In a press release sent out today, Netflix revealed that “Castlevania” – Season 1, Part 1 is headed to the streaming service this year. You may remember that producer Adi Shankar (Dredd) recently teased that he was working on an animated adaptation of “one of the most world-famous video games of the last 30 years“; as we suspected, he was referring to Castlevania.

From Netflix’s press site…

Inspired by the classic video game series, “Castlevania” is a dark medieval fantasy following the last surviving member of the disgraced Belmont clan, trying to save Eastern Europe from extinction at the hand of Vlad Dracula Tepe himself. The animated series is from Frederator Studios, a Wow! Unlimited Media company, written by best-selling author and comic book icon Warren Ellis and executive produced by Warren Ellis, Kevin Kolde, Fred Seibert, and Adi Shankar.

According to things Shankar has said in the recent past about the project, the animated series will be “super violent,” and is set to “flip the vampire sub-genre on its head.”

Yes please. To all of that.




  • Angela M Campany

    TY….. NETFLIX !

    • Mr.Sixes

      Remember to thank Konami as well, without their approval none of this would be possible.

      • Cookiestroke

        >Thank Konami

        How many years has it been since somebody said that ?

        • Mr.Sixes

          I said it last year

  • Abandoned_Being

    Netflix grabbing this might make it interesting to watch after all.

  • Richter Belmont

    Worried about the use of the words ‘Inspired by’ but definitely looking forward to this as long as it’s ‘Inspired by’ Classicvania or Igavania, and not that Lords of Shit reboot.

    The show must act as an homage to Universal Monsters like the original games were.

    • I liked the first Lords of Shadow game until the promise of a great series completely fell apart in the second game.

      • Mr.Sixes

        did you play mirror of fate?

        • Yeah, it was ok. I was mostly referring to LoS 2. A colossal disappointment. You know you’re messing up somewhere when you have missions where Dracula has to restart elevators.

          • Mr.Sixes

            I was okay with that and the several other “wait but he’s supposed to be nearly all powerful why would this slow him down” because in the story it’s explained well (he’s both dealing with recovering from a near death state without his full memories or powers available and he’s dealing with Satan’s acolytes and children who’d know what to do and how to prepare to fight someone who could take on Satan himself and win.

    • Tj Fowler

      I actually liked the first Lords of Shadow game and the story involved. I liked the idea of how they explained Death worked with Dracula…as a kid I know I thought about that lot…’What the hell is the Grim Reaper doing here???? Isn’t he much more powerful than…a vampire?’

    • Fr0gg0

      I’m sorry, but the first Lords of Shadow is good.

    • Mr.Sixes

      Classicvania and Lords are my shit, Iga is the odd duck to me with it’s J Rock and pretty boy characters.

  • sweetooth0

    If the animation is good, this could be great. But I won’t get too excited until I see what it looks like.

    • Tj Fowler

      Well Netflix worked with Dreamworks and re-booted Voltron and that looked awesome…granted we aren’t talking Dreamworks but it was a Netflix original as well and animated…so if we get something along those lines in terms of quality we might be in good shape.

  • Ian Brimberry

    Written by Warren Ellis! Awesome!

  • Warren Ellis was involved in a animated Castlevania III adaptation a few years back. Glad he’s still around to help shape the world.

    • Mr.Sixes

      Probably the same script touched up.

  • jurgmandr

    As long as the animation is good I’ll be happy. The world needs more castlevania.

  • J Jett

    wasn’t someone (i thought it may be RES EVIL’s Paul Anderson) working on a live action version of this?

    • Mr.Sixes

      years ago, clearly it fell apart as that was like before the 4th RE movie was cast.

      • J Jett

        oh! thanx for the info/clarification Mr. Sixes! 🙂

  • Grimphantom

    I need to see images and trailer first or else i’m not sold……..they have to impress us just like what Samurai Jack did

  • Flu-Like Symptoms

    “Does Netflix ever stop being awesome? Even for a second?”

    Yes. Minutes even.

    • Jason Misunas

      3 words….Dear white guys

  • This art is a swipe from the great Frank Frazetta- pretty cheesy to see in a major fantasy art commission.

  • ZufallX

    I’m really picky and critical when it comes to animation so I’ll stay on the fence. I will say that if it looks like what they did with Voltron, I could go in.

    • American Atheist

      Justice League: Dark is well done. I was surprised how much I enjoyed it.

      • ZufallX

        Just checked that out today ad a matter of fact. Agreed. Very excited about the Teen Titans flic.

    • Jimmy Sue aka Pnut

      You should ALWAYS be on the fence if you haven’t seen it yet…

  • Mr.Sixes

    With the way it’s worded and the way it’s 4 parts makes me think this will be a CV3/Dracula’s Curse send up with each part being one of the 4 playable characters (Trevor Belmont, Grant DaNasty, Sypha Belnades & Alucard)

  • dukeblues

    I’d prefer a non-cartoon version but that’s just the 35 year old in me. Maybe I will be surprised…. The game was fun to play though. Blisters on my thumbs and all

    • DevilsAdvocate

      I don’t mind Western animation, but “super violent” stuff tends to look weird in animated works unless it’s done in a fairly realistic style like I’ve seen in a few anime.

      • JohnR

        The Spawn animated series comes to mind, as far as violent animation that was done well goes.

        • DevilsAdvocate

          So there is precedent then, good to know.

  • Dennis Chenier

    Yes! Castlevania was such an important part of my childhood. I am beyond excited.

  • Rohan

    This is the one video game on the NES I have beaten. Super excited, but if it doesn’t start with Simon cracking his whip in front of a mansion I’ll be pissed.

  • Meisha’s Taint

    Get working on the music guys………

  • Pf Mahan

    It will probably deal with white privilege and how racist white people are against vamps and all, my guess, Black lives matter will be a major force in dealing with the hatred for creatures of the night.

    • Legion

      I will become violent.

      • Master99

        Then though must be a liberal protester. Jk

    • Blood Boil

      Strop watching Fox news

    • Kristoffer Groves

      We need to build a wall around Transylvania. All those dirty coffin monkeys wanna come to our country and take our jobs and drink our blood. Im sure glad Trump is president. He’ll get this mess sorted out.

  • Halloween_Vic

    Look at the thighs on him!!!! Lol anyways once again Netflix being awesome, this is gonna be pretty bad ass.

    • John B. Kirkwood

      Last week I was able to gather my first five figure check ever!!! I’ve been working for this provider over the internet for 2 years now and I never been happier… They are paying me $95 per hour, and the most desirable thing regarding this is the fact that I am not that tech-savvy, they only asked for basic awareness of internet and key typing skill… This is what I do

  • Kristoffer Groves

    Meh. I want to see the live action version.

    • gabriel

      Yeh, me too. Once again, I’m glad I don’t have a subscription to Netflix. They kind of suck

    • Jacob Herrington

      honestly animated would work alot better. live action shit usually sucks for games

  • zombie84_41

    I love Shankar dude produces some solid films.

    • Evan3

      Like what?

      • zombie84_41

        Well he did give us that awesome Judge Dredd movie. And his shorts on youtube are actually pretty good for the most part. I did enjoy that power ranger short he did. And he was executive producer on The Grey, and Lone Survivor which were both really good.

        • Evan3

          I’ll give him the Power Ranger and Punisher short. But the Venom one is dumb. And didn’t he awful do that gawd awful Judge Dredd animated and the live-action Mortal Kombat series? And that Jem movie? Haven’t seen Grey and Lone Survivor, so can’t comment on that.

          Dredd was fine, but let’s not pretend that it wasn’t a massive (and inferior) rip-off of the Raid.

          • zombie84_41

            Ya I did enjoy his punisher and power rangers shorts. I agree Venom was garbage, the bond one was garbage too. I’m not a fan of his animated shit. He didn’t do the mortal kombat series, Jem was fuckin terrible. I watched it at work oneday just to see how awful and it was really really bad. I think Blumhouse produced that shit too, which is mind boggling to me. Also with you saying DREDD ripped off The Raid, its actually the opposite THE RAID ripped off DREDD. 12 November 2010 – February 2011 (DREDD) Not sure when the raid was made it did come out in 2011. So I think in theory both movie cancel each other out LOL. But both movies are fuckin amazing regardless. I loved the second raid alot. I can’t wait for the third, I already know the remake is going to suck ass.

  • Transylvania count

    these are my demands for this series 1st of all I would like the team that designed Helsing,vampire hunter D and vampire Hunter D bloodlust to do the animation for the series as well as provide the voices to most of these characters. As well as have the voice actors of the characters from the video game to return to reprise their roles in the series but the biggest thing that must happen is that koji Igarashi should have a hand inthis animation

  • Rocky Chodha

    if the makers are dedicated as they are as the reboot of VOLTRON, and it’s dark, similar to ATTACK ON TITAN, this will be freaking awesome! Hope the use SOTN CASTLEVANIA, to pull source material from as design, the OST, etc…

    SOTN, is hands down one of the greatest game ever produced, so it would smart to follow it.

    After the success, I truly hope NETFLIX, brings the Suikoden 1.2.3 back to life and Anime Form, the lore of Sukioden, can be pushed in a million directions, with spin off back stories, etc…

  • Jim Charette

    Hopefully it’s a faithful adaptation w/a few new takes. This is my favorite game from the NES era(yes I’m that old) & I want to see it done right & done w/extreme care not just for the fans but for the wonderful creators of the series

    • maya gdfhdf

      Hello,did you know that you can already watch this movie in HD Quality ?

      Here is the site where I watched it:

      Thumbs up if it worked for you,. 😉

      • Leo

        And you of course are NOT a bot…

      • Jim Charette

        How do I know you aren’t fucking with me & I won’t get a virus?

  • THGrimm

    A Castlevania adaptation . . . that’s violent . . . and animated?! Best Valetines Day ever!!!

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