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Take Bloody Disgusting’s Ultimate ‘My Bloody Valentine’ Trivia Quiz!



Do you remember the official slogan for the fictional town of Valentine Bluffs?

Released in the wake of Friday the 13th, the George Mihalka-directed My Bloody Valentine may not have spawned a franchise the way its slasher predecessor did, but the Canadian-made film is nevertheless one of the sub-genre’s best. While most slashers of the time were totally interchangeable, the Canadian-made My Bloody Valentine came quipped with charms all its own. The characters are fun, the killer is badass, the setting is highly unique, and the kills (particularly in the unrated cut) are gory and satisfying, making it a pretty damn perfect slasher film.

Of course, the curse of holiday-themed horror is that we only really talk about those movies when those holidays are near, but My Bloody Valentine damn sure deserves to be in the conversation all-year-round. That said, since it is Valentine’s Day and all, we thought it’d be fun to celebrate the most romantic day of the year by testing your knowledge of this bloody slasher gem.

How well do you remember My Bloody Valentine? Take our ultimate quiz below!