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Take Bloody Disgusting’s Ultimate ‘My Bloody Valentine’ Trivia Quiz!

Do you remember the official slogan for the fictional town of Valentine Bluffs?

Released in the wake of Friday the 13th, the George Mihalka-directed My Bloody Valentine may not have spawned a franchise the way its slasher predecessor did, but the Canadian-made film is nevertheless one of the sub-genre’s best. While most slashers of the time were totally interchangeable, the Canadian-made My Bloody Valentine came quipped with charms all its own. The characters are fun, the killer is badass, the setting is highly unique, and the kills (particularly in the unrated cut) are gory and satisfying, making it a pretty damn perfect slasher film.

Of course, the curse of holiday-themed horror is that we only really talk about those movies when those holidays are near, but My Bloody Valentine damn sure deserves to be in the conversation all-year-round. That said, since it is Valentine’s Day and all, we thought it’d be fun to celebrate the most romantic day of the year by testing your knowledge of this bloody slasher gem.

How well do you remember My Bloody Valentine? Take our ultimate quiz below!



  • Bla Blah

    I saw the shitty remake that re-started the 3D trend

    • Wilson Bro

      It gave me a bloody headache!! But as for the 3D…

  • TheTwoJakes

    Spoiler ahead!
    One question has the wrong answer….where does the first present day murder happen? It wasnt Mabel in the laundry mat (she was the second), it was the blonde with the heart tattoo in the mine. Its present day cause thats her heart in the box given to the mayor.

    Otherwise I got 90% with that answer it would of been 100%. I love this far the best 80s slasher.

    • Saturn

      I love the movie and was pissed off I got the first one wrong!
      It bitch tricked me. 🙁

      • TheTwoJakes

        Thats what I thought about the timeline…..maybe they are in the same universe as they are both from Paramount.

        • Saturn

          It would be a nice touch if the 2 franchises did co-exist with each other, as the original MBV has the same look and feel of the first 2 Fridays – perhaps “Harry Warden” could turn up at Camp Crystal Lake and have a toe to toe with a certain Mr Voorhees.

          Of course it won’t happen, but it would be a nice nod if the new Jason movie actually mentions the location of MBV in some subtle way, as a bit of a trip for we horror geeks.

          Maybe one of the councilors who turns up at a now fully re-opened, and re-established for several peaceful years, Camp Crystal Lake is the daughter of Sarah, and has been deliberately toughened up by her mum so she would never have to endure what happened at Valentine Bluffs , and the survival skills she’s been taught turn out to be quite an important thing….
          She learns the legend of Pamela Voorhees, and her Son Jason, and for the last 20 years things have been silent – but today is Friday The 13th – Jason’s birthday…….but this is one councilor who could be his match….

    • John Squires

      Good catch, my bad. Quiz has been updated. Thank you!

      • TheTwoJakes

        No problem! Fun quiz for my favorite flick!

        • Saturn

          Thank God I wasn’t wrong on that one – the quiz was.

  • 9/11. Missed the town slogan and the date the events start.

    • Saturn

      Yeah, the date screwed me over too – it was a subtle “trick” question.

      Isn’t it sad when the date screws you over on Valentine’s Day.

      Not that I’m bitter or ow’t. But I hope this year the V.D. of Valentine’s Day leads to something a little more embarrassing for the bit….

      I’m not bitter. Really.

      • Lol. I believe you. Really… kind of…I don’t believe you. 😀

  • Sky Commander

    Funny enough, I just saw this movie for the first time tonight (It was just kickass btw and 10 times better than the remake) at a special screening even got to meet the Director George Mihalka, the Production Supervisor Bob Presner and the actor who played Mike, Thomas Kovacs at it. They were all super nice guys and they even all signed a copy of the DVD I bought today. So friggin cool, btw got a 9/10 on the quiz

    • Saturn

      I want to kill you.

      (not really, I’m just dead jealous – you swine!).


    • J Jett

      Sky that’s awesome! i love this movie (despite my horrible test results above! lol).

  • Redsam6

    I’ve never seen the film, got 54% so I don’t think Ultimate is the right word to use here.

  • J Jett

    i love this movie and have watched it dozens of times and yet i still only got a 45% (5 correct out of 11)!! LOL. i guess i need to re-watch it ASAP. 🙂

  • Wilson Bro

    Bollocks! Got one wrong!!! It was the question about how many died in the accident…

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